Presented by Ella’s Music Club 

Noria and les Parigots-Rising Sun Hotel

Saturday 9 February

8:30pm (doors 8pm)

French born Noria Letts of Moroccan/Jewish descent and her band take you on a dazzling musical journey through brilliant re-imaginings of jazz, French chanson and the deepest most soulful blues. It’s a captivating musical feast infused with the rhythms of her heritage in the North African Mahgreb and a daring improvisation that is the heartbeat of jazz music.Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s Jazz was not exactly de regueur in French schools.However,Noria was enraptured by the music of her elder brother Jammal,a dancer and percussionist.The soul of Billie Holiday,the genius of Miles Davis and the vocal gymnastics of Al Jarreau became her inspiration and the soundtrack of her youth.

Noria  and her sidekicks will take you on a trip to Paris in a show of enormous energy,fun and delight.

Featuring :

Steve Sedergreen (on keyboards),Phil Gunter( oud & guitar),Adam Spiegel (bass),Phyl Carol (accordion), Damien Ellis (drums)

Gig info

Date: Saturday 9 February

Time: Doors Open 8.00pm, Showtime 8.30-10.30pm (with intermission)

Tickets: $35

Venue: Rising Sun Hotel.2 Raglan St,South Melbourne