Jacqui Solnordal

jacqui solnordal

Searching for the next Picasso, Pollock or Hockney to invest in?

Buying art from up-and-coming artists is not just good for the budget (though that is a definite plus), it’s also a great feeling to support young artists while they work to make a name for themselves – just think of yourself as a benefactor of the world’s “Fine Arts Scene”.

jacqui solnordal  jacqui solnordal






Among the more important lessons learned by the art world in 2017:-

An emerging artists career isn’t cemented in one night, or with one breakout show. Artists who actually matter long term have careers that have built over time and one of those who is deserving of greater attention and is well positioned to rise to mammoth heights is Jacqui Solnordal.

Canadian born Jacqui Solnordal (12) daughter of former Melbourne Grammar student Andrew Solnordal, is certainly one for the keen eye.

Andrew says:-

“Jacqui has shown an aptitude and passion for drawing and painting since she could hold a pencil as a toddler. Over the years her style has varied through active experimentation. In recent times her focus has been largely toward crafting the human form. She uses multiple media, from pencil, marker, India ink fountain pen, to paint brushes of every size and texture”.

jacqui solnordal jacqui solnordal  


When Jacqui isn’t putting paint to paper, she can often be found wondering the aisles of their local art and craft store, assessing the next purchase with a discerning eye. Nothing but the best materials and paper for Miss Solnordal!

Andrew says:-

“Jacqui’s influences are as varied as her approach. While she has had the benefit of art classes over the years, her mainstay teachers of influence are typical of today’s youth. Namely, online artists via their Youtube channels. Examples include BayleeJae, JellieBee and ValerieFlynn’s “Art a la Carte.” Jacqui will sit for hours next to yet another online tutorial tackling a new approach to, say, drawing hands. One can only salivate at the prospect of where her talent and passion will take her”.

Whilst gender plays no role in the capacity to create a compelling painting, today, a critical mass of female painters are embracing figuration, diversifying it, and pushing the conversation around it forward.

jacqui solnordal  jacqui solnordal

Jacqui’s interpretation of her figurative paintings speaks loudly to the present, and offers glimpses into a very bright future.

Hopefully though Jacqui’s dreaminess and open creativity, she will earn herself an ever growing group of devoted critics and collectors.

jacqui solnordal   jacqui solnordal

For anyone interested in purchasing any of Jacqui’s art or seeing her catalogue of masterpieces, please contact:

Email: solnordal@shaw.ca

Ph:       +1 604 313 2788

Instagram art account is: Jacquiquidraws.

 jacqui solnordal