If you take a look at almost any celebrity you’ll notice that they have perfect dazzling white teeth. It’s become an essential trait for success and one that many people try to emulate. But, while the stars can afford the cost of creating a new smile, that’s not always an option.

A lack of funds means that most people look at more affordable ways to whiten their teeth. Of course, if you want great-looking teeth you need to start with a visit to the dentist. A good practice, such as this dentist Fortitude Valley, will make sure your teeth are healthy and properly aligned before you start any whitening procedures.

Discover What Hydrogen Peroxide Is

Hydrogen peroxide is an aggressive chemical. It consists of two parts of hydrogen and two parts of oxygen. This chemical mix means that it oxidizes as soon as it meets air. In the process, it will kill bacteria. Unfortunately, because it is so aggressive, it will also attack cells and other material it touches.

It is classed as an acid which may ring alarm bells. But, hydrogen peroxide is safe for your teeth providing it is diluted with water and has a concentration of no higher than 10% hydrogen peroxide.

Shop Bought Hydrogen Peroxide

10% hydrogen peroxide solutions are generally reserved for medical professionals. What you find in the store is more likely to be 97% water and just 3% hydrogen peroxide.

However, there is a problem with this low dose of hydrogen peroxide. It isn’t strong enough to whiten your teeth, although it may kill some of the harmful bacteria in your mouth.

While it is generally considered safe to use, even a low dose of hydrogen peroxide can cause damage to your gums if used consistently for a long period. If you accidentally swallow it you may even cause damage to your throat and internal organs.

In short, while it is listed as safe, it’s probably better to avoid using it.

The Better Option

If you want to whiten your teeth yourself then you’re better off using a dedicated tooth-whitening toothpaste. This is likely to contain hydrogen peroxide but it will be specially formulated to whiten teeth without damaging them. It’s also harder to accidentally swallow it and cause damage as it is part of the toothpaste, diluting its effects inside your body.

If you opt for this then make sure you get one that is approved by the dental association, it will whiten your teeth and keep them healthy.

But, the best solution to whiten your teeth safely, is to visit your dentist and ask them to do it for you. They will have several options, including laser, and will decide which is best for your teeth.

Naturally, they have the experience to whiten your teeth without causing harm and they offer the added bonus of checking your tooth health. That means you won’t just have a great smile, you can also be confident that you have healthy teeth.

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