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Invisalign: The Transparent Revolution

invisalign: the transparent revolution

What is Invisalign?

Always dreamt of that smile, yet undergoing your teeth straightening treatment. Yes, this dream is now worth coming true with the aid of a new medical miracle in the world of oral treatment called Invisalign. This boon is accepted worldwide by more than 5 million smiles who are giving testimony for the fact that Invisalign is the most advanced transparent counterpart of conventional braces. It is now one of the most effective uses of cosmetic dentistry that helps you to get back your teeth alignment in proper shape. Gone are those days when you would have to become embarrassed due to the metallic braces. Invisalign is an easy alternative to these braces.

What Kind of Smiles Can Be Molded for A Better Form? 

invisalign: the transparent revolution

  • Overbite – A condition arising with the overlap of upper and lower front teeth causing a bent down of teeth leading to a jaw-pain.
  • The Underbite – An appearance of the lower front teeth above the upper front teeth, when the mouth is closed. This situation most likely arises when the lower jaw happens to be too far forward.
  • Crossbite – A crossbite is a condition in which some of the upper teeth sit inside the lower set of teeth, in place of the outside which is the normal course.
  • Gap Teeth – A quite often cause of shame, embarrassment, or community withdrawal for many of the patients, this state of the teeth when there is some gap between the adjacent pair of teeth, makes them feel like the laughing stock among the social circles.
  • Open Bite – The inability of the upper and lower teeth to touch each other when the mouth is closed, is termed as Open Bite
  • Crowded Teeth – A condition in which there is a lack of space in the jaws to fit all the teeth naturally, possibly due to which the teeth may clump of, coincide, distort leading to the placing them either in front or back.
  • Straightener Teeth – Just an overall good positioning of the teeth, good enough to hold up the much-needed morale boost for that perfect day of yours or any other requirement.

Why Invisalign Over Braces? 

invisalign: the transparent revolution

  • A Transparent Boon – Now that million-dollar smile is free of visible wires, brackets, and metallic blocks. So, you can continue to enjoy life to its fullest while still undergoing straightening treatment. Invisalign comes with the benefit of easy removal way apart different from the traditional braces which are non-removable.
  • Technology Effective – Special technology is used in the manufacturing of Invisalign which makes it less painful yet serves the purposes without posing any hassles for the patient. There is less chance of infection when compared to the metallic braces earlier.
  • More Relaxed Times – Who on earth would like to go to a dentist with a mouth wide open and dread of prodding, piercing, etc. Now with Invisalign, you can lessen the frequency of your check-ups scheduled only once in 1.5-2 months. So fewer doctor appointments will mean more relaxed times.
  • A Fair Scenario – Giving you a fair scenario of the entire treatment process, Invisalign helps you to deduce the possible time period that may be required to complete the process.
  • Continuity of Normal Life – No more hassles of plaque and tartar due to the inability of brush or floss, because Invisalign comes with the upper edge of allowing you to take charge of your complete oral hygiene.

Often patients ask how long do they have to wear Invisalign. Generally, every day for 8-9 hours for the last six months, and in total, one year for the entire lot to take out is the time period that doctors prescribe. Since it is affordable and can straighten your teeth without surgery, it is a good treatment to use for a better smile and presentability.