insulated garage doors

It’s no secret that a sturdy and designer garage door can enhance the security and the appeal of your home’s exterior design. Many styles of garage and mechanism types such as roller garage doors, fully automatic garage doors and sectional garage doors are available across Australia.

To increase the functionality of a Garage Door, companies such as Eco Garage Doors in Melbourne, Australia offer an insulated range for garages. Such doors are designed to block the cold winters and warm summers of Melbourne. These doors have defining features such as thermal efficiency and an eco-friendly design.

Key features

Insulated doors include all the regular features that a top-quality garage door will include with the addition of insulated panel. The key features for insulated garage doors are:

  • Thermal efficiency with a thermal resistance rating (R Rating)
  • Polyester resin foam panelling system to save money on energy bills
  • Automatic, efficient drive motors for noiseless and smooth operation
  • Steel hinging with a nylon brush for smooth and quiet operation
  • Corrosion-resistant galvanised springs
  • Option to select the design style and colour that matches the home exterior
  • Finger protection technology for the safety of users
  • Insulated panelling to add durability and energy saving
  • A standard mean thermal resistance (R-Value) of 1.53 m2.K/W +18% to ensure the longevity of the internal climate

Different Profiles for Insulated Garage Doors

Depending upon the style and design of your exteriors, there is a range of profiles available for insulated garage doors. These are:

  • Fineline: It has a smooth, contemporary design that matches most modern style homes
  • Ribline: It features wood grain embossment with a wood finish effect to match the premium design style
  • Stanford: It is a classic profile with wood grain embossment, popularly used for traditional style homes
  • Flatline: It comes with a woodgrain finish with a choice of colours to compliment both, modern and contemporary style homes
  • Portabella: It has advanced coating technology that delivers a pre-coated steel panel with a real timber look and feels. The door adds an aesthetic appeal to the exterior. With corrosion-resistant and UV-resistant coating, the durability and longevity of such doors is an additional advantage.

These doors are available in COLORBOND colours which offers a wide range of options to choose from. It includes colours such as Classic Cream, Evening Haze, Dune, Windspray, Gully and more. There are also options for selecting Metal FX Colours such as gunmetal grey and previous silver pearl or an elegant Vivid White range.

What should an Insulated Garage Door Manufacturer offer?

These are a few key factors who should determine while choosing the manufacturer.

  • Type of material used for insulation and warranty on its durability
  • The type of motor used for automatic functioning and it’s warranty details
  • The technical expertise of the team installing the door
  • Protective features that safeguard the door against adverse weather condition
  • Additional security such as finger protection for users
  • The spring cycle of the door (should be at least 30,000)
  • Energy efficiency for insulation without draughts and noise
  • Choice of colours and design to match the style of your home’s exterior