Managing the human potential of the organisation has been both a treasure trove of opportunities and a continued struggle. In the digital and technology enabled ‘experience & engagement economy’, leaders have to find the right balance between data, technology and human relationships, when it comes to something as sensitive as drawing out the best from people. In a strange contradiction, in spite of all the technology advancements, there is always the scope for something simpler, better and more engaging.

What has got you here isn’t good enough to get you there, and here’s why:

Change may be the only constant but it is also often a source of constant anxiety, apprehension and resistance. Our inherent aversion to change seems to be in stark contrast to our internal programming to evolve. With HRIS too, no matter how big a success a solution has been for you, it is always a good time to pause, do a stock check and fine-tune where necessary. Is your system ready for 2020 and beyond?

Are you in need of an HRIS Makeover?

Not all HR professionals are experts in the technical nitty-gritty, so instead of confusing you with technical jargon to evaluate your HRIS solution, let’s start with a simple yet practical set of day to observations to see if your HRIS is smart enough to go 2020 and beyond.

  • Have you received any complaints regarding the user experience of your career site, website or internal portal by candidates, employees or managers?
  • Does it take the longest time to do the smallest actions such as updating addresses or applying and approving leave?
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • Does aspects of your HRIS not make sense in the current context?
  • Do you feel that your HRIS is not what it used to be, and there is a deeper problem than just regular software update?
  • Do you waste time on managing performance evaluations that seem outdated by the time the entire process is completed?
  • How confident are you that your employee data is actually secure?

If there has been a Yes to any of the above questions, it’s high time you consider an HRIS makeover for more than one of these reasons.

  1. In the rapidly evolving corporate world, the very basics of performance, performance analysis and performance measurements are evolving.
  2. In order to prevent your most flawlessly implemented cloud HRIS going stale and out of context, new functionalities need to be integrated.
  3. We are in the era of D3M. Where data driven decision making fuels the experience of employees, customers and stakeholders. Your system needs to have the capability to capture real time data from multiple sources across various systems for a seamless experience. This enables better decision-making and a personalised experience. With integration being key, there is a greater liability towards data security and privacy as employees are aware of the rising concerns.
  4. The millennials including Gen Z give more prominence to engagement and experience rather than the paycheck, at what level does your HRIS give prominence to this?
  5. In the ever changing word of latest technologies, data management, AI, VR and virtual workspaces, there is an impact on the way employers need to manage and nurture, train and retain employees. How well does your HRIS respond to these emerging opportunities?

Likewise, PeoplesHR is an HRIS Australia-based system that is constantly evolving with it’s time, with 1 base end-to-end HR functional scope, 9 version product roadmap and 10 times greater capacity handled by an organisational database. It is important to future proof your HRIS to go beyond the short term goals and deployment to reach the long term value, keeping in mind the need to balance data and technology with the human elements of engagement and experience.