In Newcastle Tonight, Australia’s latest tonight show is generating a huge buzz online off the back of impressive reviews and a growing audience of cult-like fans.

The hit tonight show, is a regional Australian entertainment masterpiece written, produced and presented by Aussie media personality Nick Cain. A product of the pandemic, the idea came to Cain one rainy day during the first lockdown in 2020. Posting a seemingly random idea clearly hit the mark with his friends, and he quickly got a massive response that sparked the production of the show’s first season.

Through lockdowns, travel bans, social distancing mantras and COVID restrictions, the first season was supposed to take just six months to produce, but in the end, took two and a half years. As the world learns to live with COVID, Cain’s production company, YouPushyPinecones Productions is already eyeing a second season, to bring even more comedy and laughter to audiences around the world through the show’s YouTube channel,

In Newcastle Tonight brings audiences back to Cain’s roots in comedy. Whereas other talk shows have taken on a more political approach to their format, Cain wanted a show that went back to what  genuine tonight shows were always supposed to be about.

“I wanted to create a show that brings people together without being political – content that we could all relate to and have a laugh about,” Cain said.

“As a society, we so need this – to feel connected with the things we grew up with and the moments and experiences that we have been part of.  This is what good humour is all about – taking the day to day and sharing it in a way that makes us laugh and reminisce.

“My experience has been that the best work is always created when teams are feeling excited and have skin in the game. And so, we birthed this show, a crowd-sourced variety show that very nearly broke me multiple times. But through the all the COVID setbacks, we made it.”

Cain believes the show has resonated with a lot of people and its authentic approach to taking the piss out of life has earned it a lot of support from viewers all over the world, not just Australia.

“From day dot, when we started working on the show, I wanted everyone to feel like they owned what we were making – and to have purpose within that,” Cain said.

in newcastle tonight:  australian tonight show taking the world by storm

“Everything was up for debate to make it into something truly refreshing in the tonight show space. I was keen for it to be bold, fresh and different for the online space.

“It needed to be the antidote to what was happening in comedy and tonight shows at the time I pitched the idea. What I was seeing was division through politics. What the world needed and valued was laughter. The world has always valued laughter – Australia especially. With In Newcastle Tonight, we pride ourselves on being the unlikely heroes, the underdogs of tonight shows and wacky variety shows.

“It sustains us as a collective. This show is a reflection of ourselves. And it’s not beaming in from London or New York… not even from Melbourne or Sydney… it’s IN NEWCASTLE TONIGHT. Because why the hell not!”

Cain explained that though not officially endorsed or affiliated, In Newcastle Tonight supports two charitable organisations through the sale of merchandise.

“70 percent of our sales from our In Newcastle Tonight merchandise go towards Endling Loneliness and Friends For Good.  These two organisations create awareness about the problem of loneliness that affects many Australians, and helps isolated individuals come together to make connections, relationships and lifelong friendships,” Cain said.

“The pandemic really brought to light the huge social problem of isolation and loneliness. Once we were all cut off from each other, we all started to realise just how much we need each other to get through life. Not having a support network you can count on can really impact the quality of your life.”

Cain believes the show not only has a big future, but it has helped to springboard a lot of really good talented entertainers and artists on to the world stage.  He is also now firmly focused on securing funding for season two and beyond.

“The collaboration of creatives in the production of In Newcastle Tonight is truly inspiring and I hope that our audience reach will continue to grow so that we can bring our fantastic show to more people. We look forward to working with more outstanding people in our second season to bring our audiences an even better show with better laughs,” Cain added.

“During our first season, we have already worked with over 80 different artists and entertainers, each bringing their own talents and abilities to the show. This is how we have managed to make the show into what it is today, it’s the Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show with an incongruent edge. It’s the collaboration of a news desk team like The Daily Show but with performance creds. It’s a dash of unpredictability much like Hey, Hey, just with slightly better hair. And I have extraordinarily auburn hair!”

Series director, Mel Killingsworth agrees.

“We have cleverly incorporated a range of different genres and types of sketches, from live action to animation to stop-motion, from SNL type skits to CGI-laden stunts and it works,” she said.

In Newcastle Tonight is available on YouTube, with the scheduled time slot of every second Tuesday evening at 7pm.


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