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Important Facts You Need To Know About Tips For Choosing Solar Installers



In this article, we will discuss the tip to choose solar installers. Investing in solar panel installers is a cost-effective strategy to cut your energy bill and protect yourself from escalating power rates. You will also have a lower environmental effect by lowering your carbon emissions.

Due to technological advancements and government subsidies, the cost of solar panels has decreased in recent years. However, there are other significant variables to consider, since purchasing solar panels should not be focused entirely on price.

Here are five things you should know before investing in solar installers.

  • Check The MCS Certification

Firstly, you should be checking the MCS certification which is the most critical factor. The solar installersyou choose to hire must be MCS accredited. The good solar installer must be a member of REAL (Renewable Energy Assurance Limited) or STA (Solar Trade Association). You should be aware of who is eligible to work on the system installation. If you choose a subcontracting company, then you must make sure that it is also MCS accredited.

  • Ask For A Home Visit

The solar installers must be willing to visit the home and take time to give you the information regarding the solar panel suitability for the home. You can also expect the suggestion from them about saving more energy and how you can make your house more energy efficient. If solar installers do not give you enough time to evaluate the specific needs, you might not get the best installation.

  • Request for Testimonials

It would be best to ask solar installers to give you the testimonial and references of the previous clients. If they are in business for a while, they will not have any problem giving testimonials. It would help if you also did deep research on installers. The friends and neighbors’ night also have a source for recommending the solar installersYou can also choose to talk with the previous client, the son, to better understand what you can expect from the installers.

important facts you need to know about tips for choosing solar installers

  • Check For The Warranty

It would be best if you kept in your mind that what warranty does the solar installersgive with the equipment. The average warranty period offers a solar panel of around twenty to twenty-five years. If the warranty offered by the equipment is shorter than this period, you can assume that this is the low-quality solar panels. The solar inverters and storage batteries have a minimum guarantee, and it is around ten years. Most of the solar installers also offer some quality guarantee which must be at least one year.

  • Compare the Quotations

Firstly, you must keep in mind that you get at least quotes from five solar installers. The quotes must relate to the specific need. You can compare the quotes of them and can easily consider what is included in the price. For example, a few installations might want scaffolding on the roof, which needs to be considered while comparing quotes. If you do not consider, you might end up paying more than what you have seen in the quotation. Solar panel costs have been reduced in the past few years. You will get the offer according to the system size.

important facts you need to know about tips for choosing solar installers

For instance, a 5-kilowatt panel will cost you around £6009, but to get confirmation, you can ask where extra or additional work needs to be done, which is not mentioned in the offer. You can make other payments on top of the price mentioned in quotes.


While choosing solar installers, you will have to consider many factors. It would be best if you moved at your preferable speed. Invest your time into a proper analysis. Following these tips will ensure that you make a good decision on choosing solar installers.