Importance Of Design When It Comes To Branding

importance of design when it comes to branding

If you want your brand to position itself as a reference in your sector, you should not forget to transmit your brand in the online business. Currently, 8 out of 10 companies that use social media in their marketing strategies make it focused on branding with the aim of differentiating themselves above their competition. Is yours one of them?

Instagram has changed its image. Google has changed its image. McDonald’s has changed its image. It is not just a logo being changed, but also much more like the whole image and perception of the brand. It involves a change of base in the branding of each of these companies, consecrated and known internationally for their image. So why these changes?

The branding of a company is its identity. There is no more direct contact with the client than their own branding since it is the one that ‘speaks’ directly to the consumer unconscious level of who you are. Companies deciding to do a ‘face wash’ means much more. Why leave your ‘comfort zone’ and run the risk of ceasing to be recognized and that the change involves rejection by consumers. The reality is that on a digital level, everything changes at a speed of vertigo and brands cannot be left behind; the visual change and the visual is everywhere.

A new concept: ‘Brandketing’

Andy Stalman, in his book ‘Brandoffon: the branding of the future’ deals in one of his chapters with a new concept: brand marketing when talking about companies like shopify plus agency. It refers to the necessary sum of knowledge and use of the best of each specialty of Branding and Marketing. Because, as Stalman says, ‘Marketing without Branding has no soul and Branding without Marketing has no voice’.

The public is no longer limited to buying products, but there is an upward trend in consuming experiences. To achieve this, it is necessary for companies to know their target audience attitudes, habits, customs, and needs.

Brands work with the idea of staying installed in the memory of customers and potential customers beyond the time of purchase or consumption. Everything that surrounds a company is part of its branding. Everything. Scott Bedbury, CEO of Brandstream speaks about the importance of emotions: ‘A great brand produces emotions. Emotions cause most of our decisions, if not all. A brand comes out with a powerful connection story. It is a matter of emotional connection that transcends the product ‘.

Why is design important for branding?

We draw some conclusions about the importance and relevance of branding for a brand:

  1. The brand imports more and more, gaining weight within business management.
  2. Sufficient resources are not yet dedicated, however investment prospects increase.
  3. Its strategic value and contribution to the business are recognized.
  4. Senior Management is more involved and committed to its management.
  5. There are still a few specific brand management teams and when there are, they tend to be small.
  6. The main barrier to efficient brand management is the lack of understanding and support of the organization.
  7. Almost half of the companies work with specialized branding suppliers.
  8. The future involves the construction and management of the brand in online environments in an integrated way with the rest of the channels and supports.

Digital design

In the world we live in, we find increasing competition for our company. Therefore, the key is to differentiate ourselves as a brand, regardless of the size of your business. You need to be different and give value to your brand to gain more reputation and benefits. Investing in branding in website design is not an option for your company, but a duty and responsibility that you must have to make your brand recognizable and functional.

That is why you have to understand that your website is not just a product or a service for your target audience, you have to go further and that you only get through branding.

What is branding?

Branding is not putting a name to your business, nor is it simply creating a logo. We should not think of branding as the choice of a typeface or colour palette. You have to go further – it is the set of a visual and emotional strategy.

What we achieve with branding in web design is that a brand is irreplaceable and that requires a daily desire to be the best. To succeed, brand creators need to stick to the basics, stay calm and take every opportunity to become the chosen brand.

How does branding help in web design?

In recent years, the concepts of “website design” and “branding” are increasingly linked. It is not just about having a good brand image. The company’s website must be designed in accordance with this image; In addition, you must represent and communicate all the guidelines that branding marks.

What do we really mean? If your brand has a logo created, colours, a defined linguistic strategy… All this should be reflected in the branding in the web design. For example, think of the Coca-Cola brand, can you imagine that your website was designed with yellow tones? Not impossible. Red is the colour par excellence that comes to mind when we say “Coca-Cola”. Like all brands, your own company must have defined certain guidelines that should be reflected in branding in web design.

Tips on digital design for branding

These practically mandatory guidelines are:

  1. Logo: It is the face of our brand, the easiest and fastest way to recognize a company. A good logo design is easy to remember. It is built with the least possible number of graphics, the simpler, the easier it is in your mind. But not only for being simple it has to be good, behind each logo there is a study to know which one works best in each brand. In recent years, there is more thought invested in logo design for digital media as it reflects the whole brand image, and the main quality considered that they are adaptive.
  2. Colour: Color is not only used aesthetically but also to evoke sensations and emotions. A good choice of colours is vital for branding in web design.
  3. Typefaces: Typefaces are also of great importance in the concept of branding in website design. A good choice of fonts can help make reading comfortable and enjoyable, so the reader will not leave our website due to visual fatigue or fatigue. Today we have many platforms that provide us with countless fonts for free to use on our website, for example, Google itself with its Google font’s extension.
  4. Communication tone: The language used on the web is very important; it must reinforce the character and personality of the brand. It is not just what you say, but how you say it.
  5. Value proposition: The website must show the advantages and differences that the company offers to its customers or consumers. In short, you must answer a series of questions:
  • What value does it provide to our users?
  • What problems do we solve for our users?
  • What needs do we meet?
  • What does the user expect to satisfy him?

What benefits would branding bring in web design?


Creating a good web design generates greater trust among our clients who visit us. If we have a website with a friendly interface, a readable typeface, colour palette according to the brand identity and good composition. We will project a professional image and win in confidence for our clients. If, on the contrary, our website has a bad design, this will cause distrust and abandonment of our website.

Stand out from others

A professional design always stands out above the competition – Do not hesitate! Studying the competition well, differentiating ourselves from the rest and using a good branding strategy in web design will lead us to achieve greater success with respect to our competitors.

Improve the user experience

Hiring a good professional web design service will help us connect better with the user. This is possible because the design is focused on making the experience comfortable, easy and fast. The behaviour is studied and through the concepts of our branding, we turn to an improvement in the experience of our clients.


In short, investing in your brand is essential to achieve success. Contacting professionals in the sector who know how to adapt branding in your company’s web design is not an expense, but a medium-term investment. So choosing a company that knows how to reflect the branding of your company is very important for your business to be recognizable and achieve greater results.

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