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The best security that one can give to their family is a safe and secure home. Different land locations are associated with different levels of security. Rural areas under normal circumstances are known to be very secure and the land is not expensive. In the urban areas due to the high amount of capital required to support an individual’s lifestyle insecurity is very high. Through purchases, one can buy land that has a ready house or they can construct one for themselves. There are agencies which offer to buy land for any interested party and run the business they want for them in the acquired piece of land. House and land packages in Tarneit come at different prices depending on the location and size of land required. Large sizes of land require more money for purchasing and vice versa.


Through innovations in business and trying to make work easier for customers different companies have been formulated to help people in securing their desired land. These companies make a profit by buying land at a cheaper price and selling it at a higher rate or they can directly bargain for land and they ask for payment from the customer. Some construction companies can be hired to help in erecting the required building depending on the customers’ requirements. The building layout and architectural design determine the value that it will be associated with for the longest time. One should hire a qualified constructor to get quality work done and prevent collapsing of the building. If it is a commercial building being constructed then individuals should undertake the legal measures as stipulated in the law.


The government has put some legal restrictions in different areas to control the activities that occur on its land. The government owns all land in the country and can take land from any individual if it would want to develop or increase security measures. There is government restricted land like the national parks and national reserves which restrict human encroachment to help prevent loss of biodiversity in the area. If the government would want to develop any place for example construction of a transport system or a social amenity then people are moved to another area or it buys off the land to create space for the needed development. There are certifications commonly referred to title deeds which give individuals entitlement to the secured piece of land.

In conclusion, one can secure a piece of land that has an already constructed house according to their taste and preference and the amount of money they are willing to spend. Land agencies have been formulated to help individuals secure the desired land and real estate. It is a source of employment and before hiring any agency one should check on their credentials and their trustworthiness. The government has the ultimate ownership and control of land in the country and it can take control of any piece of land. Title deeds are given to landowners to clearly state the location of the owner land and the size of the land. The government has a department which controls all the activities in the land and there is some government restricted land which prohibits human activities.