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Thursday, June 30, 2022

I’m Fine!


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When a performers opens up to you on stage, when they strip back their layers, and present themselves as an imperfect and fragile thing, know that it takes guts to do so.  That aside, this performance is a rollickingly good time, had by all. Crashing through several layers of associated trauma and personal retellings of childhood and ongoing battles with anxiety, performer Lucy Gransbury makes light of such dark material.

Though calling this work a cabaret is not quite appropriate, with a scattering of only a hand full of musical interludes across a fifty minute performance, it more comfortably fits within the realms of stand up. But it is the kind of comedy that enthrals you, presence, perspective and physicality in equal measure afford this show more than a few genuine belly laughs. The content is definitely worthy a trigger warning or three, if dark and subversive humour that touches upon things inappropriately- is your thing, then this show is definitely for you.

In what little musicality this performance offers up, the vocal capabilities of Garnsbury are on show and on point. Her voice is transportive with a real sense of old world glamour, and of siren song. These short moments, in juxtaposition with the full scope of the performance  are great interludes and conceptually help hold this performance together. But with two such distinct parts and ensuing shades, it could be interesting for a different approached to be found.  The material is here to make something really fantastical yet poignant, and that all boils down to the deeply personal notion that this performance centres on. This performance is at it’s best when it’s at its darkest, slicing through the conversation with razor sharp wit landing not quite perfectly and in a place of awkward discomfort. 

Regardless of what this performance wants as a label, it bring audience together, traversing and confronting, humours and warm. Performers like Garnsbury whom can genuinely entertain all while wearing their heart on their sleeve, are a brave type of performer indeed. 

I’m Fine! is currently playing at The Butterfly Club as part of Melbourne Fringe Festival, for more info or to book your tickets click here.


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