I saw a UFO

i saw a ufo

It was 7:43pm on a Monday about 5yrs ago when my ex and I went to get ice cream (not code, we legit were getting ice cream). As we turned out of Canning Street, Carlton we both looked up to see a massive thing in the sky, about the size of Westfield Doncaster, drifting quickly towards the ground. A spiral of windows with lights from within wound around it like a snake and as we FANGED IT to try to get closer, we lost it behind the houses. By the time we came out onto Nicholson Street, it had gone behind the cemetery’s trees and we simply couldn’t see it anymore. I rang dad “DAD WE JUST SAW A UFO” he said “Great! I told you, people see them in Melbourne all the time.”

So this is a call out to my Sprinks – have you seen a UFO or been abducted by aliens because I want to Maddawg the absolute Jesus Mary and Joseph outta anyone who has COME AT ME ALIEN LOVIN or hatin SPRINKS let’s talk probes.


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