How Would You Know When You Need Carpet Re-Stretching Adelaide Service

how would you know when you need carpet re-stretching adelaide service

Does your house look shabby and old, even after cleaning? Do you feel like your flooring is no more comfortable? It can be due to poorly maintained carpet. With time carpeting tends to loosen up and create wrinkles; therefore, it is essential to hire a professional carpet repair Adelaide technician at the first sign of ripples. Wrinkles or bundled-up carpeting comes over time, and various activities contribute towards the loosening of the carpet. When a professional carpet restoration services provider installs the carpeting, it is secured properly over the tacks along the edge. But with constant foot traffic, wear and tear, dragging of heavy furniture, vacuum pull, carpets tend to loosen up somewhat.

Professional Carpet Re-Stretching Adelaide Service

You can perform a simple test to understand this. Try to pull the carpet at the centre (if possible), hold it for a couple of minutes, and then release it. If it bounces back tightly in place, you do not require carpet restretching Adelaide service. However, if the carpet does not return to its original elasticity and creates ripples instead, it is time to hire a professional carpet repair Adelaide technician for carpet stretching services. Another way to understand the condition of the carpet is whenever you vacuum it. Should wrinkles be forming when you are vacuuming, it is a sign that your carpets need to be stretched.

Stretch Your Carpet Like Carpet Stretching Services Provider

For those homeowners who think that they are up for the job of stretching carpet themselves, here is an easy fix-it guide to ensure that the process is as painless as possible. Ensure that you have a couple of helping hands while stretching the carpet. Further, it would be best if someone in the group has experience with carpentry as tack would need to be removed and later replaced.

Tools Required To Stretch Carpet

  • Sharp utility knife or carpet cutter
  • Knee Kicker
  • Power Stretcher
  • Hammer
  • Pry bar
  • Staple gun

Process of Carpet Stretching

  • Consider removing the baseboard situated between the carpet and the wall. Use a knife or a pry for this purpose. Be gentle, and do not do it in haste. Instead, slowly loosen the baseboard. If there are nails used to hold the baseboard, you should place a bar behind them to move the piece of wood.
  • Next, unfasten the carpet from the wall. Lift the corner with pliers, and then keep elevating it off the floor. Start at one end of the flooring and move along the wall. Pull the carpet away from the tack strips. Professional carpet stretching services provider suggests stretching the carpeting as your move.
  • Remove the old tack strips using a pry bar and replace them with new ones.
  • Ensure that you are pulling the carpet only in one direction. Place a fresh tack strip and stretch your carpet using a power stretcher or a knee kicker. These tools are available at any hardware store for rent. Now, move around the room and keep stretching the carpet towards the wall using either of the instruments. Finally, secure the carpeting to the tack strip placed along the edge.
  • Getting excessive carpet near the wall due to carpet stretching is common. You can use a sharp pair of cutters or a utility knife to trim the extra carpeting. Be careful as you cut the excess carpet. While trimming, you should leave enough carpeting to tuck in. Keep your pace slow and cut in as a straight line as possible. Professional carpet re-stretching Adelaide technicians suggest using the help of a friend while doing this.

The entire process of carpet stretching is relatively fuss-free, painless, and takes less than a couple of hours. However, the size of the room would have to be taken into consideration. Do remember that for the carpet to be stretched perfectly, you require more than just two sets of hands. Attempting alone can result in damaging the carpet.

Moreover, if you feel that it is a challenging task, you can reach a professional carpet repair Adelaide technician for aid. Professional carpet restoration services providers are expert in carpet stretching services and can make your home as pretty as before.