How to Use Instagram Live To Promote Your Business?


Small businesses are integrating real-time and location-based efforts into their marketing strategies which drastically improving their online as well as offline presence. Instagram Live stories are now offering a real-time feature that distinguishes itself from other live streaming applications and social media platforms.

In this article, we will discuss what Instagram Live stories are, how you can broadcast live stories to your Instagram Live feed, and how small businesses can benefit from this feature.

What Does It Mean by Instagram Live Feed?

The Instagram Live feed is also called Instagram Live stories. With the help of this extraordinary feature, Instagram users can air live videos, which will be shared through the Instagram story feature. You’re maybe familiar with Instagram stories, but the Instagram Live story is slightly different than that. Live stories are broadcasted through the Instagram story feature, but once you’re done broadcasting, the video, as well as the likes and comments associated with it, will vanish.

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Why Live Stories Are So Unique?

You cannot compare Instagram Live stories with Facebook Live stories as both of them are different. The live video on Instagram disappears; while the live video on Facebook gets published on the Facebook business page. Additionally, remember that Instagram live stories are different than normal Instagram stories because the videos or photos you upload in your normal Instagram story stay for 24 hours before they get disappeared.

What are the Methods of Going Live on Instagram?

If you want to go live on Instagram, then visit your Instagram home screen and swipe right. You can also go live by clicking on the camera icon in the upper left corner. This will open the camera where you’ll notice three options at the bottom of the page: Normal, Live, or Boomerang. Then just click on ‘Live’ and then click ‘Start Live Video’. You can broadcast a maximum of 1 hour-long live story, but don’t forget that it will disappear when you’re finished broadcasting.

What Happens When You Go Live?

Remember that your live stream is accessed through the Instagram story feature, but when you’re completed, the story will go into the videos and photos. When you start broadcasting a live story, the word ‘Live’ will be shown in your profile in the stories section. This way your followers can understand that you’re live. Unless your followers turn off the live notifications option, Business Instagram will send them a notification that you are live. However, if your preferences are different, you can modify the settings to control who can view your live stories or who knows when you are ‘Live’.

While you’re using the pikdo Instagram Live feed, you can observe the exact number of people who are watching your live stories. You can also see the likes and comments. Besides, you can disable commenting by clicking on the three dots at the bottom right corner. When the live story is finished, the video and all the likes and comments associated with it will be deleted.

How Can You Find Live Stories?

As mentioned earlier, once your live story ends, it will be deleted. Hence, Instagram users can see your live story only when it’s happening. Your followers will know that you’re live because they will see the word ‘Live’ in the story bar. If you want to find other live stories by various users, visit the ‘Explore’ section and click ‘Top Live’. You’ll receive a list of all live stories broadcasting at the moment. However, the search results are very much dependable on the Instagram algorithm such as geographical location, view count, and language. You can change them by swiping left or right.

What are the Benefits of Instagram Live Stories?

Instagram Live has some identical benefits as Instagram stories that can promote your business. However, there are some additional perks such as:

  • Transparency: Instagram Live stories are extremely effective to boost transparency and real-time marketing, unlike Instagram stories. As per Forbes, real-time marketing analytics can improve the customer experience. When you connect with your target audiences through Instagram Live, you will be able to show your true nature to the customer. This will help you to humanize your business.
  • Performance: People usually become nervous when they start live streaming. However, since your live stories get deleted after you’re finished, you might experience fewer backlashes. You can become more comfortable on Instagram Live because if the situation goes out of hand, it won’t be there for eternity.
  • Interaction: You might miss noticing Instagram Live as one of the crucial channels to interact with your target audience since you’re the only one talking. However, when the comments are enabled, your viewers can comment on your live story. When you reply, it will work as an impressive engaging element.
  • Quality: With the help of Instagram Live, you can easily maximize your broadcasting quality. For instance, you can see how many users are joining and how many users are leaving the stream. This can help you to understand how engaging and attractive your life story is.


Instagram Live story feature is the greatest way to boost your online presence. When you use the feature wisely, not only it will promote your business, but also boost productivity. Apart from this, you can use Instagram Live stories to announce a live contest, conduct a live Q&A or launch a new service or product. So, are you ready to use Instagram Live to enhance your marketing efforts? Share your thoughts in the comments section.