How to Style a Dining Room

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how to style a dining room

Your dining room is your spot for entertaining, tucking into dinner and even relaxing, and given it’s one of the more sociable rooms of your home, you’re right to be proceeding with a little caution when it comes to furnishing it. An empty space or a set up that you’re not quite happy with is always going to be daunting, but not to worry! Follow this dining room styling guide, and you’ll find yourself with a perfectly put together space that you’ll love spending countless hours in, in absolutely no time.

Measure, measure and measure again!

Before you do absolutely anything, you’ll need to have a dig around for that measuring tape of yours – don’t worry, it’s there somewhere!  Measuring your space, be it furnished or empty, will help you to better understand how to fill it. Buying dining tables is a big task, and if you get the scale (size) wrong, then you’ll find yourself with a big table making your dining room looked pokey and cramped, or a tiny table that looks kind of ridiculous in such a big space. Neither one is preferable, and both are easily avoided with some quick measuring. Take your numbers with you wherever you shop (especially, repeat, especially when shopping online) and you’ll find furniture that fits your room properly.

Plan out your floor plan

Next, it’s either time to plan out your furniture placement or do some much-needed rearranging. Download an interior design app or reach for a good old fashioned pen and paper combo to sketch out a few placement ideas. The right floor plan will have plenty of walkways, evenly distributed space, open areas around windows or doors and will be comfortable to move around in. No one gets it perfect the first time, so don’t be afraid of playing around until you find a floor plan that works for you and your lifestyle.

Introduce soft furnishings

Soft furnishings in the dining room isn’t the most natural movement, but bringing in a few comfortable cushions and plush materials is actually a really easy way of kicking your interior styling up a notch. Throw a chunky knit blanket over the back of a timber chair to create a cosy country feel or add a few oversized chair cushions in a classic cream tone to bring some extra luxe feel to your Hamptons dining set. This is also a great way of introducing a pop of colour to your palette. You can even change your soft furnishings to blend with the seasons for a flawlessly designed home all year round!

Seek storage solutions

Adding storage savvy furniture is a fantastic means of upping the design ante. Clutter will make any space look and feel a little flat, no matter how beautifully put together it might be. Look for stunning storage pieces such as a buffet, side table or display cabinet to bring some grandeur and organisation into your dining room. You can stash crockery, cutlery and soft furnishings in here when they’re not in use. A sideboard or buffet is a classic dining room item that’s perfect if you find yourself entertaining guests constantly.

Follow these tips for a striking yet comfortable dining room setting that you, your family and all of your guests will absolutely love spending mealtimes in. Remember that your home should feel like you, so don’t be afraid of adding accessories that are reflective of your personality and your taste.