perfect wall art

Wall art serves as the final touch in making a space look balanced and sophisticated. It draws the attention of whoever walks, pulls together all the pieces of furniture towards a centre point, and makes the room more inviting. Whenever homeowners feel something is missing in their space, it is almost always that bare walls bring about the feelings. That’s why they need to shop online for wall art to add more character to their homes.

There are no hard rules in choosing wall art to adorn the home. However, a few tried-and-tested strategies from home designers can help individuals select the perfect wall art. Especially with countless selections of beautiful art out there, homeowners can benefit from some style guidelines.

Selecting just the right size

Wall art can be made of different things. It may be framed canvas paintings, laser-cut metal and wood silhouettes, colourful sculptures, and more. People need to see the full artwork from a reasonable distance to appreciate its beauty. That’s when selecting the wall art size comes in. The wall art needs to be proportionate with the wall or room where it is installed. For instance, it does not make sense to choose oversized wall art for bathrooms, while living rooms will be decorated with small pieces of art.

To get a general idea of what size of art to look for, homeowners should consider how much free space there is on a wall. Don’t forget to consider the wall’s height and any existing or future furniture to be placed against that wall. There should be at least 15 centimetres between the bottom of the wall art and the top of a piece of furniture, and that the art does not come too close to the ceiling. Crosswise, it should not exceed two-thirds the length of the sofa. Spacious walls do not automatically need to have oversized wall art. Small pieces can be grouped to fill the space, especially with artworks by the same artist or similarly themed pieces.

Based on art style preference

Decorating a home is always based on the owner’s personality and taste, and the same goes for choosing wall art. Homeowners may find themselves more inclined towards some art styles than others, reflecting their personalities and how they want it represented in their homes. They may choose abstract and contemporary art styles, fine line prints, minimalist sculptures, or soft watercolour paintings.

When individuals shop online for wall art, they should also choose pieces that match the room’s overall style. If the furniture is classic traditional, the wall art must also fall within this style. The same goes for contemporary furniture, Nordic furniture, and many others.

Curating through colour

There are two ways to choose wall art by colour. First, select artwork with colours similar to the things in the room. This monochromatic approach creates a cohesive and sophisticated mood for the area. If not entirely similar, choose artworks that complement existing colours of the wall or pieces of furniture. A colour wheel comes in handy in this one. Four major colours is a good measure to achieve a put-together look.

Alternatively, wall art can be bold and bright and stand out against neutral walls. This approach is best for totally plain walls without cornices or is finished in its raw material. Homeowners can also play with texture and form with embossed artworks or wall sculptures.

One last tip

Wall art sets the mood of a room and defines people who reside in a home. While there are a few design guidelines to optimize the beauty of a room with wall art, the perfect piece will always be the one that fosters good feelings whenever family members and visitors see them.