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How to Select Moving Boxes to Fulfill Your Packing Needs



Not sure what type of moving boxes you need for packing efficiently? Read on to find out how to choose the best moving boxes based on your requirements and preferences.

What Size Do You Need?

The crucial factor to consider when selecting a moving box is its size.

Here are the different sizes to familiarize yourself with, so you know what to invest in based on the items you have and how much you need to pack per category:

Small Box: 16x12x12-inches and 1.5 cubic foot

This is the best way to pack books, dishes, fragile items, small appliances, and lamps. While small, this is heavyweight and can handle up to 60 pounds, but it’s best to stick with 50 pounds.

Medium Box: 18x18x16-inches and 3 cubic feet

The medium box is almost square-shaped, which is suitable for general purpose and can be packed with whatever is in the house. You can use it for electronics and appliances, toys, clothes, pots, pans, and anything that adds up to 65 pounds.

Large Box: 18x18x24-inches and 4.5 cubic foot

The large box has a similar width and length as a medium one, but eight inches taller. With its height, clothes fit better and are stacked neatly in a large box. Furthermore, you’ll want a large box for longer items, which fit well when standing up.

You can use these boxes for large kitchen appliances, lamps, linens, and the like. It can hold up to 65 pounds of items.

Extra Large Box: up to 24x18x24-inches and 6 cubic feet

There are actually two kinds of extra large boxes, one square and one rectangular, both of which being similar in volume, but just shaped differently.

The square box is much thicker, while the rectangular one is taller and/or longer. These are best used for bigger furniture, such as comforters, cushions, pillows toys, large blankets, and the like. Avoid adding too much, as it can only carry up to 70 pounds of items.

The Type of Wardrobe Box

One of the important boxes people need is a wardrobe box, which is made for their clothes. These boxes also happen to be one of the largest moving box options, though it depends on the size you choose from.

There are two main types of wardrobe boxes, which are:

Hanging Wardrobe Box

The hanging wardrobe box comes in different sizes, shaped just like a wardrobe with its own metal bar. These are optimum for clothes that you’re unable to pack flat, so think of it as a portable wardrobe. They are also sometimes used to move delicate wind chimes, chandeliers, or other hanging furniture, as it’s better to move them hanging rather than flat, which risks damage.

But do take note that these boxes are heavy and will take up a lot of space, which would cost more. It’s best to fold your clothes flat, but if it’s 100% necessary to hang your clothes or other items, you can consider this type of moving box.

Lay Down Wardrobe Moving Box

These measure around 32x19x9 inches, a box resembling a dresser drawer. These are great for packing clothes that you would like to fond only once. Again, do NOT overpack the box, as it won’t be able to withstand heavier weights.

Other Types of Moving Boxes

Besides the wardrobe box, there are other different moving boxes you may want to consider investing in. These are the types of moving boxes that each has its own purpose and for specific items:

Picture and/or Mirror Box

Mirror boxes may be telescoped, which refers to putting two boxes together for a longer fit. When you fit two boxes together, use strong filament tape for better security, and so it can handle more weight.

A mirror box can handle framed artwork, pictures, and mirrors. When packing these, make sure to pack the goods with bubble wrap (double layers!) for further protection.

Dish Packs

These packs are made for packing dishes, but more so for cups, glasses, as well as liquor and wine bottles. You just have to make sure you don’t overpack them to avoid the risk of damage and dropped boxes.

Mattress Box

Mattress boxes aren’t absolutely necessary, since most moving companies would wrap your mattresses in plastic bags. Furthermore, plastic bags are cheaper and slightly easier to manage.

However, mattress boxes can help keep mattresses from being punctured. Or if you plan to store your mattress for a long time, the box would better protect it from the outside elements.

You can find mattress boxes in various sizes, ranging from crib to king-size.

Wrapping It Up

Besides choosing the best moving boxes for your packing needs, be sure that you have the right packing techniques and movers to help you out. So if you’re planning to move anytime soon, utilize these tips and invest in high-quality boxes now.

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