how to remove dry blood stains in carpet

We never want ourselves, our dear ones, and our pets to get injured. It is also a fact that unexpected injuries may occur. When injuries occur, our first action is to take first aid measures. We might not focus on blood spillages on the floor or clothes as we just look to arrest the flow.

After we take the first aid measures and get the wounds properly treated, we return our focus to the areas where we, or our dear ones, spilled blood. We may notice dry blood stains on our carpets. Then we decide to do some carpet cleaning to remove the dried bloodstains. If the methods did not work out, we should try deep carpet cleaning.

Why should we remove dried blood stains immediately? 

We know that many diseases can be transmitted from one person to another through the blood. Do we know that diseases can also be spread through dried blood? Yes, it is actually a fact. Many viruses can live in dried blood for several days. For example, the Hepatitis B virus can live in dried blood for more than a week. To avoid a disaster, we have to act fast to remove the dried bloodstains. Hence, we have to carry out deep carpet cleaning as soon as we notice dried bloodstains on the carpet.

We will now go through a few powerful methods of removing the dried bloodstains.

Ways to remove Dry Blood Stains

  1. We can use Hydrogen Peroxide as it can remove blood stains if they are mild. Take a little Hydrogen Peroxide in a cup. Now soak a piece of clean cloth or paper towel in it. Then place the cloth or the towel on the dried stain. Hydrogen Peroxide can break the stain. Then wipe the stain out.
  2. Do you know that salt is an effective substance that can remove dry blood stains? Take some salt and dissolve it in water. Pour the saltwater on the stain and remove the stain. One can also use saline water available over the counter or even the contact lens rinsing solution as they both contain salt.
  3. This might be the simplest of methods to remove dry bloodstains. Take a little cold water and apply it to the stain. Wait until the blood dilutes and dissolves in the water. Then use a clean cloth to remove it. If there are still lightened stains remaining, use a detergent soap and repeat the same process again. Then we can use a vacuum cleaner to dry the area.
  4. This might be one of the most out of box methods to remove dry bloodstains. Take some meat tenderizer powder and mix it with water until you create a paste. Apply the paste to the stain. Wait until it dries. Then we can just scrape the dried powder to see the stain gone.

If you still cannot remove the stains, Please call us. We are experts in Carpet Blood Stain Removal & Carpet Cleaning Services in Brisbane. We use proven methods and top-notch equipment to remove Dry Blood Stains, how much ever deep, large or dark they are.