how to plan a wedding in a small budget

Weddings are one of the most delightful occasions you will ever get to experience or witness. After all, you are marrying the love of your life and your soul mate. Weddings can be super fun, especially if it is you who is getting hitched or one of your close family members or even your best friend! Just the idea of two individuals falling in love and getting married sounds delightful. Planning a wedding sounds pretty fun actually, but it can be quite overwhelming when you start counting the expenses.

You would be disappointed to know the actual budget could be a lot more than you would anticipate. Of course, no one would like to compromise at least on what could be the biggest event of their lives, right? We are not here to crush your hopes and tell you that having a fun, memorable event is out of your budget and could lead you in debt, but in fact, it is quite the opposite, realistically speaking.

It is wiser not to invest in a lot of money and get yourself the best of everything, you can spend a lot lesser for more and still have a terrific event, and sure it would not be just as extravagant, but it definitely will be something to cherish forever. If you are concerned about your wedding, then worry no more. You can also find some very economical and affordable venue options as well just like venue hire in Sydney but it all depends on your budget and comfort. Here are some ways you can plan a wedding on a small scale budget.

Avoid a lot of guests

What is the easiest and fastest way to cut costs? Reduce the guest list. This may come off as offensive, but every added guest is an expense. By this, we mean you do not have to cut out all of your valuable friends and family members, who especially deserve to celebrate with you on such a special occasion. But be more specific about who you would like to invite, sure you would want to be as courteous and kind to the people around you, but you always need to consider your budget beforehand. Having a more privatized wedding limited to close friends and family must just be your best bet if you want to have a top-notch wedding at a low cost.

Get services done by friends and family

Sure, you could consider hiring the industry’s most demanding and highly trained professionals to cater to all of your wedding works. But you will need to save up a lot to be able to afford such services, especially if you are in a budget constraint. A more natural way out of this is to ask your friends and family for help. You would want to look at the quality rather than the goodwill value of the service.

Look around and shop for the best rates that you can find, you might just be able to crunch something decent in your budget. Asking your friends and family who are already experts in their fields could be a great way to save up. Chances are they will have minimal to no charges at all and would be willing to help out for free for your big day. Maybe you have a cousin that is great at photography, a friend that is great with hair and makeup and probably a lot more than you would expect. Besides, weddings bring people together, what a great way to reconnect with everyone.

Plan ahead of time

This has probably got to be the most crucial piece of advice that is out there if you need to plan a wedding on a budget. Planning is made ten times easier if you decide a date that is about a year from where you are so you have enough time to plan out every single detail while also saving up carefully.

Regardless of your budget, if you have enough time, you can do anything. Consider the necessary costs that you might need to incur at the time of your wedding, then divide that by the time period you have before the wedding, and that is left with exactly how much you would need to save every month to have your dream wedding.

Shopping at the last moment can prove to be expensive, you can also gradually make purchases with the amount of time you have, whenever you could secure yourself a good deal or shop on the holidays to get discounted rates, this way you would not feel overburdened by the last minute. Another thing you might want to keep in mind is the ‘seasonal rates.’ During the holiday’s services, venues and products tend to be a lot more expensive as it is in demand, off-season months are great for low budgeted weddings as you can save a lot more relatively.

Cut venue costs 

The highest cost you possibly have to incur is the venue cost. Sure, everyone would want a dreamy destination wedding or banquet, but then again, you should plan ahead of time, so you find yourselves the best rates. Could you also consider having a wedding party at home? Make use of your hallway and living room for a privatized, cozy wedding event or if you are in for something more outdoors, have the event in your or your soon to be in-laws backyard!

Having a wedding at your place might seem a bit odd, but it can be quite fun. Not only are you able to save up on a ton of bucks, but you are also more relaxed in terms of timing and just having everything the way you want it to be. ‘Feel at home’ at your wedding, literally.


Who says you need to hire the best catering service in town? After all its food and when cooked right, you could end up with a lot of content guests leaving your wedding. Try out a fun twist by getting your friends to self-cater the event, the only expense you will need to worry about are only the ingredients, the rest is all fun and games with your loved ones while you prepare a buffet for the most joyous occasion ever.

Make your event more memorable by creating moments you can cherish forever and preparing your food for your wedding is just one of them, and you will also be able to save up a lot on your menu expense. You could also opt for a family catering service or a family-owned restaurant if you have one to get minimal and best rates.

Make your invitations 

Instead of investing a whole lot inviting your guests with some fancy cards, you can quickly drop that cost by simply giving them an e-card online! After all, wedding cards are later found in the trashcans anyway right before the wedding, so why bother about ‘finding the perfect card’? However, if you want to, you can simply create your wedding invitations by getting some art supplies from your local craft store and be creative with your invites as you will be able to customize them yourself too.


There are tons of ways you can consider to save up on your wedding. You do not need to go by the usual extravagance that is displayed out to the public; sometimes, minimalism is preferred and can turn out to the absolute best. After all, it is not about how expensive and versatile your event is, but what matters is how staying close with your loved ones and appreciating all that you have, that is what creates a perfect, memorable event.

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