When it comes to cello, viola and violin bows, CodaBow has been one of the most popular brands in the strings industry. The engineers and bow makers of this trusted company use innovative methods and materials in order to produce consistent and affordable bow designs for beginners and professionals.

Both kevlar and graphite sticks from CodaBow provide the same tone-drawing capability and performance agility just like fine wood bows that are usually more expensive. So if you’re looking for primary performance or backup bow, these excellent bow designs got you.

Tips in Choosing the Right CodaBow

If you want to invest in best value bows for your stringed instruments, the following are some helpful tips to guide you in choosing the best CodaBow you need:

  • There are 7 unique bow models available for cello, viola, and violin; Marquis GS, GX, SX, NX, Joule, Luma, and Prodigy.
  • The models are designed for cello, viola, and violin versions. They also feature composite wedges and graphite diamond weave shafts.
  • Each bow’s frog is made from environment-friendly composite XEBONY.
  • All models, except Prodigy, are made with GlobalBow technology which allows users to cross all borders in the world.

3 Categories of CodaBow

  1. Student model. For beginners, the Prodigy is the most affordable entry bow available at CodaBow. Consistency and design principles are almost the same as in kevlar and graphite composite stick. This is an absolute money-saver while getting more basic fitting with slightly less precocious stick material.
  2. Diamond collection. The bows in this collection include GX, SX, and NX models. They are exclusively designed for professional players as the bows replicate tone-drawing and agility properties of premium fine wood bows.
  3. Marquis GS. This is more supple compared to the Diamond collection bows. Marquis GS is designed for players who want to enjoy finest bow experience like the classic French tradition. It combines cutting-edge materials and creative engineering to provide stability and affordability.

The Luma and Joule are specialized designs that employ excellent design and materials just like those in Diamond collection bows. Joule bows, however, weigh more than Diamond bows and are made to match 5-, 6-, and 7-stringed instruments. Luma bows are perfect for players who want lighter and more responsive feel.

When it comes to budget, the most affordable CodaBow is the Prodigy while the most expensive is the Marquis GS. As a beginner, you can start with the Prodigy bow and level up to more advanced bows as you progress your skills.