How to Optimise Web Design and SEO

how to optimise web design and seo

SEO web design is the method of designing and maintaining websites that are Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) friendly. If your business is in Australia and if you need to have an SEO-friendly website that follows various aspects like faster loading, descriptive URLs, and mobile friendliness, you need to get in touch with the best web design agency in Sydney, Australia. Opt for an agency that offers the Best SEO services in Sydney so that they can help your organization maximize profits in no time!

SEO website design practices for businesses make it easier for the search engines to crawl through the company’s websites and rank higher which leads to an increase in traffic as well as the rankings. Just like website design is to go well with the visual aspects, SEO affects how a website gets found in search engines. Hence, it might look to one that SEO and the website design are two different aspects and this can be true to an extent. A web designer can’t do the tasks of an SEO expert and vice versa.

This doesn’t mean that both SEO and website design don’t work together. Both of the aspects combined can make an impact on your company. So if you are thinking of getting your company’s website redesigned or if you are a new company owner who needs to establish a strong online presence, the easiest method is to reach out to a web design and SEO agency. This agency could work as an extension to your team and focus more on establishing authority in the niche market your business belongs to.

 SEO web design is important due to the following:

  • It has the power to make or break your SEO: Many companies can easily launch a new website or rebrand to a new domain name and see the SEO progress disappear in no time as they forget to set the 301 redirects that tell the search engines where to find a relocated page.
  • SEO can influence web design: When you are thinking of implementing the SEO best practices that are related to web design like site architecture, page speed optimisation, and so on, you might find that the factors directly influence the way you design the website. Incorporating SEO and web design together can help you build a strong foundation for SEO strategy.

Factors to Optimise SEO and Web Design

Take a look at the various aspects of the website that can be affected by both SEO and web design and how you can get it well-optimised by the best web design agency. The basic elements of a website should be determined by the designer. However, at a good SEO and web design agency, the experts will handle the job!


Here are a few elements that are important when a website is being designed, for SEO purposes.

  • Code: A team of designers will have a few options when it comes to the code that is used to render the major elements of the website. Most of the designers stick to HTML and CSS for various reasons. While Flash websites might look cool, they are very difficult when it comes to optimisation. Other than this, they would also struggle to rank well in the search engines.
  • Element of Mobile-friendliness: As the internet users keep increasing day by day, browsing on smartphones has become more and more common. Hence, the need for all websites to be mobile-friendly has become an inevitable aspect. Mobile-friendliness can provide a better user experience and help in increasing the chances of website ranking as most search engines consider mobile-friendliness as an essential requirement. A good agency can make websites mobile-friendly by implementing a responsive design. This can make the website accessible from any device or browser. This can also eliminate the chances of having duplicate content which might be the case if a company has a separate mobile-friendly website.
  • Readability: Usually, the designers focus more on the non-text elements of the website. This is where a good web design and SEO agency stands out from the other web design and SEO companies. The designers at such agencies choose fonts and sizes that are reader-friendly. They ensure the body copy has plenty of space. The content too is optimised and informative to rank well. If the design just has a few sentences added to the site, the reader might be frustrated and the SEO might not work well for you. Hence, add the optimised and high-quality content to the site to attract the readers, SEO, and search engines.


Most people think that a copy is the only element in the website that can be optimised. However, this perception is completely wrong. Few best practices should be kept in mind while uploading the images to the website.

  • File Names: The images should have logical and descriptive file names. Rename the files if they are saved in the default names. The renaming can help the search engines see the images and add them to the context.
  • File Size: High-quality images are, no doubt, visually appealing. The designer should try to keep the file size as small as possible. Adding a larger file size would slow down the loading time of the website along with poor user experience and an increase in the bounce rates. This can affect the website rankings as well. All of this should be kept in mind while designing a website.
  • Alt tags: Other than renaming the files, the images require optimised alt tags. The descriptions help the search engines determine what is depicted and the users can read it when they hover the mouse over the image. This can help the visually impaired users to understand clearly what is being shown. It is very important for accessibility reasons.

Website Architecture

If the designer is well-involved in the site architecture and SEO, the website’s ability to rank would be higher. However, make sure that you keep the following factors in mind.

  • Navigation: It is one of the most essential elements needed to provide a great user experience. This aspect makes it easier for the visitors to find out what they need and turn into loyal customers. The ease in navigation can lower the chances of the visitors getting confused and abandoning the website. This can lower the bounce rate and improve website rankings.
  • URL Structure: Each page in the website would require a descriptive URL that describes the content of the page. Words can only be divided into hyphens. You can also include few relevant keywords. High-quality URLS with rich descriptive keywords would help the search engines understand the page well.

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