How to make your baby girl look stylish?

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Having a baby girl in the house keeps the family members excited for a variety of reasons. Be it children or grown-ups, everyone would want to play with her, take her outside and make her laugh. At the same time, a baby girl is bound to test your dressing skills and you might be motivated to visit baby expo every once in a while. Because even though you may have given up wearing trendy dresses, you will still try with all your might to give your baby a stylish look.

As a mother, it is very important for you to have some sort of dressing sense otherwise it could lead you to face an embarrassing situation. For example, what if you invite all the family members for the birthday celebration of your baby but your poor styling taste turns her into a laughing stock? Of course, no mother would like to be in the middle of such an episode.

So instead of doing unnecessary adventures, you should subscribe to the following measures to give your baby girl a stylish look:

  1. Tops and leggings

When it comes to adults, one might expect them to make peace with discomfort in order to look stylish. However, that’s not the case with babies. No matter what, you have to keep them at ease. That’s where tops and leggings swing into action.   

Tops and leggings are equally popular in every season due to their flexibility. From full to half sleeves, they are readily available in various sleeve lengths. Depending on the climate and body type of your baby girl, you can cherry-pick tops and leggings without compromising one bit on her looks.

Unlike other dressing styles, ever since tops and leggings have hit the market, they have never been out of style. If anything, only rampant growth has been observed in their purchase over a period of time. So if you are looking for both style and comfort for your baby girl, tops and leggings should be one of your go-to options.

  1. Jumpsuits

Jumpsuits are a single piece of cloth that contains openings for arms and legs. Except for some types of jumpsuits, they usually don’t offer any coverings for body parts like head, feet, and hand.

From the above description, it is quite evident that jumpsuits are extremely easy to carry. That’s why they are considered ideal wear for baby girls with regard to outings such as shopping, going to a park and so on.

Just because jumpsuits are the ultimate solution to keep your child in the comfort zone does not mean you can treat them like pajamas. Wearing jumpsuits with eye-catching colors, textures, and patterns is surely going to give your princess more eyeballs wherever she is headed.

  1. Frocks

A baby girl’s wardrobe is never complete until it has a fair representation of frocks. Just like tops and leggings, frocks literally take weather out of the equation. They can be paired with stockings and leggings to protect the exposed body parts in winter. Summer, on the other hand, does not require you to take these measures. Just a pair of sandals will suffice the job.

Moreover, frocks have long bypassed the era when they had the tag of “party wear”. Today, they can be bought in materials and designs that make frocks an ample choice for daily wear.

If the frock is attired in the right way, you don’t even have to spend a dime on expensive accessories. All you need is perhaps just a matching hat and goggles to add in your munchkin’s stylish look. 

  1. Top and jeans

Tops and jeans of kids are purely inspired by the adults. A simple shirt paired with denim jeans can make your baby girl look apart from the rest of the crowd. Gone are the days when parents would shy-away from jeans in summer. Provided the range of fabric, they can easily buy the material that stands in line with any season. So much so, tops and jeans can serve as a fine alternative even in the rainy days.

Shirts don’t lack variety either. If floral designs don’t define your baby girl’s fashion statement, you can opt for shirts with cute cartoon prints. What’s more, you have access to all the eye-catching colors that are humanly conceivable.

The best part about this dressing is that you don’t have to think twice whether a certain type of denim jeans or top is in trend or not. They are always in fashion. As they say, quality never goes out of style.

  1. Cottage swing dress

Who doesn’t like when a baby girl ruffles and twirls. It adds in her cuteness and innocence. However, you can make the spins all the more pleasant by attiring her cottage swing dress, also known as swing dress.

An elastic neckline, fluttered sleeves, series of buttons and a tuxedo ruffle are the paramount features of this amazing wear. Some kids are so charmed by the twirling factor that they even end up creating distaste for other types of clothes.

If summertime ends, don’t think your baby will have to wait to wear swing dress till the winter bids farewell. An underneath shirt and leggings coupled with boots can see off the cooler months quite convincingly, as illustrated in the following picture:  



  1. Vest and short set

In a hot climate, it is very important to keep children well-ventilated. You can’t burden them with too many layers. In the past, parents would arrange make-shift clothes for their baby girls to deal with such weather. However, the modern generation of kids is lucky to have a much better solution in the form of a vest and short set.

Even though this clothing is specially designed for ventilation purposes, the aspect of fashion is not overlooked by any stretch of the imagination.  If you tend to go on summer vacations frequently, this attire will not only make your baby girl feel relieved but also bestow her with stylish looks. Be sure that once your little girl is old enough to make sense of the vacation photos, she will shower you with compliments for your clothing sense. 

  1. Off-shoulder baby dress

As for as parties are concerned, there is no other dress that comes close to this masterpiece. Styles and oomph come naturally to the girls who wear this dress. Sleeves and bodice are stitched in various ways in off-shoulder dresses, so there is not going to be any shortage of varieties. Be it skinny or a relatively muscular body, you are sure to get the perfect match for your baby girl.

The final verdict

Every parent would want her baby girl to gather compliments for her stylish look. But unfortunately, parents get so engrossed in the household responsibilities that they are hardly left with any time to follow the ongoing dressing trends. Well, you don’t have to indulge in a lot of research to keep yourself updated. Just stick to the above list of attires and make your baby girl the center of attraction in every gathering.