how to increase productivity of your team while working from home

Contrary to popular belief, managers don’t always have every business aspect in check. So many of them happen to be beyond their control. Still, employee productivity isn’t one of those aspects. Newly formed virtual teams have trouble adjusting to the new virtual workplace, so their productivity is usually the first to take a hit. Luckily to managers, there are easy ways to increase the team’s performance while they are working from home. Continue reading if you want to find out what those ways are. 

Information Flow 

Conflicts and misunderstandings in the workplace most often occur because of a lack of information. Employees make mistakes either because they have misinterpreted something or because they haven’t been provided with enough information in the first place. If they frequently happen, employee mistakes can cost the business not only profits but also clients. That is something no organization can afford, especially now with the global economic crisis. 

For that reason, you should encourage information flow not only in your team but also across departments. Sharing knowledge and information is crucial for employee productivity. Equipped with all the information, they have everything they need to produce some of their best work. Besides, an uninterrupted information flow means your organization is silo mentality free. Therefore, be persistent and stimulate employees to share whatever piece of information they have with their coworkers and the management.

Employee Communication 

How important internal communication is for an organization can never be stressed enough. All the more so if we are talking about remote teams. They face so many challenges and communication is definitely one of them. They have fewer opportunities for both formal and informal communication than usual. If they don’t interact enough, they lack key information, so you can’t expect them to excel at what they do. The easiest way to increase your team’s productivity is through communication. The more team members communicate, the more productive they become. That is why you should take advantage of all intranet solutions you can to boost communication within your team and the whole company. More importantly, don’t forget to constantly encourage and remind them to use the tools and communicate as much as they can.

Division of Labor 

To enhance employee productivity, you can resort to the division of labor. Most easily described, the division of labor means you should take a big and demanding assignment and divide it into smaller tasks. Every member of your staff gets a specific task to complete. When everyone does their part, your team has completed that big project from the beginning. What you should remember as a manager is to think about your staff’s experience and skills when assigning individual tasks. This makes everyone’s job easier. Employees won’t have to struggle with tasks as they completely suit their knowledge and expertise. Hence, they need less time to complete them. Managers, like yourself, don’t have to worry about whether or not employees will meet the deadline. In the end, you increase not only productivity but also employee engagement

Take Time to Reflect

The business changes quickly, so managers rarely have enough time to analyze the progress and make adjustments for the future. However, the pandemic has finally given us a chance we have all been yearning for — the chance to pause and take some time to reflect. In between video conferences and other duties, you can think about and evaluate your organizational process so far. What were your initial business goals? What obstacles has your team faced trying to reach those aims? How many of them did you achieve so far? Are there any left? While thinking about these things, don’t be biased but objective. Include your team in the reflection process. Reflecting on past projects and assignments will help you and your staff make conclusions and avoid making the same mistakes again in the future.

Minimization of Meetings

In most cases, employees struggle with productivity because their homes are full of distractions. Still, what most managers don’t realize is even virtual workspaces contain distractions of their own. For example, too many meetings a day distract employees from focusing on their due projects. What you can do to keep employees focused is to hold one mandatory check-in meeting a day. Moreover, during that meeting, make sure you are direct and straightforward. Address any concerns employees might have, discuss the ongoing, and announce future projects. Keep it short and simple. Afterward, employees can get back to their tasks fully focused.

To conclude, some business aspects are out of the manager’s reach, but employee productivity isn’t one of them. With some of our tips and tricks, you can increase the productivity of your virtual team in no time.