How To Get Into The Construction Industry As A Newcomer

how to get into the construction industry as a newcomer

Although Australia’s construction industry has been significantly impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, it continues to be a viable career option for many workers. In fact, approximately ten per cent of the country’s workforce was employed in the construction industry in recent years. With many specialities and sectors to choose from within the construction industry, it presents many great opportunities for newcomers.

However, entering any new field can be confusing and uncertain. As a newcomer, you need to learn about the basics of the industry while you are simultaneously trying to figure out what your career will look like. Before you jump into looking for track loaders for sale, take some time to educate yourself. Having some friendly advice before you jump into the construction industry will help you navigate the early years of the process. 

Let’s look at some of the steps that you need to take to get into the construction industry as a newcomer.

Choose A Career Path

Construction is a broad field. There are many specialities and career paths that newcomers can choose from. Depending on your existing skills and interests, you can choose a career path that will suit you best for the long-term. Most workers in the construction industry are employed as carpenters or joiners. Electricians also make up a substantial proportion of the total workforce. Plumbers and painters are popular trades too. If you are interested in a more specialised career with fewer workers, then plastering or concreting just might be the right thing for you.

Acquire The Right Skills

Depending on the career path that looks most promising to you, you will need to pursue the right education and training to join the workforce. This can take several years of both classroom and practical training. This makes it important that you have a commitment to working in the construction industry. The time between your first day in class and your final certification as a trained carpenter, for example, can take many years.

Most trades in the construction industry will include a practical apprenticeship as part of the training program. This provides newcomers with on-the-job skills that cannot be learned in a classroom setting. Apprenticeships also provide newcomers with an introduction to the real world of the construction industry. Depending on your experience in the apprenticeship, you can opt to continue working in the industry or opt for a different career path.

Know How To Find Jobs

Most construction firms in Australia are structured as either sole traders or are very small firms with only a dozen, or fewer, employees. It is important to know how to integrate yourself into the construction industry early so that you will not have any trouble getting a full-time job once your training is complete.

Your apprenticeship is an opportune time to make connections and network with operating construction firms. Make a good impression during this time, and you will likely be able to secure a permanent position once your training is complete.

Construction As A Career

The construction industry is expected to be one of Australia’s largest economic sectors for the long-term. This makes it a highly inviting industry to work in for anyone. Newcomers may have a more difficult time getting into the construction industry at the moment, given the collapse in economic activity following the coronavirus pandemic. However, the industry will recover over the few quarters, and employment will increase once more. Learn more about joining the construction industry and find a rewarding and lucrative career.