how to gain traction as a travel blogger
Image by SplitShire from Pixabay

Everyone’s got a story to tell. As a traveller, a great place to tell yours is through a blog. Though some people start travel blogs as a fun side project, many have the dream of turning it into a career. If you’re passionate about travel and sharing your experiences with the world, then starting a travel blog could lead to more than just some side cash.

You can purchase a domain, build a website, and launch your social accounts, but the key is getting people to read your content. This factor can deter many travellers from starting a blog in the first place. But don’t let it stop you. Remember that all bloggers start with no viewers. Follow these strategies to gain traction on your blog and start sharing your passion with the world. The larger your community, the more earning potential you will have.

Use Link-Building

Link-building is one of the most effective ways to gain traction as a new travel blog. It involves other blogs and websites embedding links to your blog within their content. It can be an incredible strategy to encourage people to visit your blog as it will come from a trusted source. Finding other companies and businesses that will promote your blog can be tough as a newbie on the scene. Enlist the help of, who will do all the outreach for you and have your blog booming in no time.

Integrate SEO into Your Content

Search Engine Optimization is going to be your best friend as a new travel blogger. One of the best ways to get seen is by ranking in search results. The basics of SEO involve using specific keywords naturally throughout your content, headings, subheading, etc. It sounds quite technical, but as a blogger, learning SEO will serve as a huge asset going forward. There are some great SEO plugins you can get for your website that will help you to implement it into your content.

Search for keywords that relate to your content and check them out on Google or other search platforms. You can then see what type of content is coming up and which questions are most asked about the subject. Use this information and build your content around it. Using SEO effectively will drive your target audience to your blog without you have to do as much promotion.

Connect with Like-Minded People on Social Media

Social Media is the number one tool you can use to connect with your target readers. Make sure you’ve got your social feeds set up, and you’re happy with the look of them. Then start outreaching.

On Facebook, make use of Facebook Groups in your niche. It doesn’t mean joining groups and spamming your links and then leaving. Get involved in the groups, answering questions, and engaging with other people. Make sure to introduce yourself as a blogger and invite people to check it out when it’s appropriate.

On Instagram, search hashtags that your target audience may be looking at. For example, if you’re blog is about Mexico, then check out tags like #mexicotravel. Then, engage with people who are posting related content. Following their feeds or liking their posts will encourage them to check out your content as well.