On pins and needles before the wedding day? Exited before your first dance as a married couple? That’s nothing compared to the time when you are waiting for the video and photos from this event. Those photos should be timeless, storytelling with a beautiful contemporary feeling. That is why it’s so important to find a specialist who will be able to catch your happiest moments. And because of many studios, who propose wedding photography services in Melbourne, we prepared a few tips to make your choice easier.

  1.   How much do you agree to pay for perfect photos?

As for everything, you should set a budget for the photographer. After that, it will be easier to filter all wedding photographers in Melbourne. The average price for capturing your happy day is between $2,000 and $3,000, but if this number is scaring, you still have options. Look for beginners or new photo studios, as they can have start prices. Just review their portfolios carefully. Check how many weddings they have shot and look at few of their full galleries to ensure the consistency of the quality.

  • Ask for recommendations

Try to remember the perfect photos of any wedding which you’ve visited. Maybe that day you wished to get the same pictures for your moments. Or you can ask for recommendations from some just-married-friends or even spend some time at the online-forums with feedback.

  •   A portfolio is the best recommendation.

The real examples can catch you at first sight. In the portfolio, you can see whether the photographer is able to capture pure emotions, if he or she feels the moment, knows about light and composition, etc. You can also find how particular specialists can work with different styles of wedding photography – can they make great spontaneous shots, formal group photos, and some fashion and original pictures of two of you? Besides, each wedding photographer in Melbourne usually has a personal website or page on Instagram so that you can check their works even during lunch.

  • Meet them

Arrange a few meetings with “your winners” for some clarifications. You may ask them about everything: proposals, their views, real photo albums to see, a backup plan in urgent cases. Do you feel that they got what you want? Perfect!

  • Done? Almost.

After you’ve made the decision, share with them the venue and the program of your wedding, so they will be aware of when and where they should be in a particular moment. If your budget allows you, think about two days of photo shooting, when the second day will be only for you. The photographer can suggest Melbourne’s best and most scenic wedding photographic locations, and you can also pick your own unusual spots. You may need special preparation for some of them, but imagine yourself inside the amazing architecture of Flinders Street Station, or at the romantic St Kilda Pier or Princes Pier, or in Royal Botanical Gardens, which make you feel like an oasis.

Your wedding pictures are something you will keep forever, so you deserve the best wedding photographer, which will capture this happiest day of your life.

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