How To Find The Best Agent To Sell Your Home

how to find the best agent to sell your home

Selling your home isn’t that easy, no matter how others make it seem. First of all, in order to increase the market value of your house you need to prep it for selling, and that costs money. Second, you need to find the reliable agent who will make sure you get the right price for your beloved home. It’s not easy to find someone who is professional and reliable. So if you’re looking to sell your property, here are some tips that will help you find the best real estate agent:

1. First of all, where to find a real estate agent?

Giving someone a full control over how to sell your own home isn’t an easy task. Therefore, it’s important to do your research and hire someone who will definitely do their best to sell your home for the best price. In case you don’t know where to look, always make sure to consult your friends, relatives, co-workers as they probably know someone who’s trustworthy and qualified.  Most of the people rely on recommendations from friends and family, but in order to find someone who is right for you, make sure to broaden your search so attending open houses is also a good way to find someone who’ll be the perfect person to sell your home. Also, you can drive or walk around your neighborhood or town and seek out “for sale” signs since they likely have the name and number of real estate agents. 

2. Types of real estate agents

There are different types of real estate agents, so before you decide on, first you need to determine what you need. There are three main different types of real estate agents:

  • Seller’s agent who represents the interest of the seller. This real estate agent is responsible for selling the home to anyone who’s interested. While also making sure that seller’s interests are well-represented.
  • Buyer’s agent who makes sure to represent buyer’s interests. They are responsible for scheduling showings and negotiating with the seller. Also, buyer agent helps the buyer with the closing process after the contract gets accepted.
  • Selling agent is what buyer’s agent becomes after the seller accepts buyer’s contract. It’s often confused with buyer’s agent, even though these two terms are often interchangeably used. The main thing to remember is that this agent still continues the represent buyer’s interest.

Now that you know the types of real estate agents, you’ll be able to know which one to look for. For example, in Australia, real estate agents are required to have extensive knowledge of prices, market conditions and legal matters, so if one’s looking to buy a property through real estate in Northern Beaches, they can immediately offer the right information and advice regarding the situation on the market.

3. Agents database and marketing

Real estate agencies are big on promoting their business to prospective clients, therefore it’s not uncommon to see ads everywhere, including your web browsers. In order to send the property, real estate agent must sell themselves first in order to attract buyers or sellers. Nowadays, thanks to targeted online ads, real estate agents have it much easier when it comes to advertising their offers. But aside from that, some agencies still prefer the good old methods of advertising in newspapers, leaflets, billboards, magazines and even radios. Still, considering that more and more people spend their time online, many real estate agencies are turning to email and social media since that’s the easiest way to reach potential customers.

4. Characteristics of a good and bad agent

Unfortunately, there are too many scammers out there who can’t wait to part you with your money, so it’s incredibly important to be careful and pay attention to the signs that point out that your real estate might be lying. If your agent insists on cash-only payments, doesn’t want to show you the property, or seems evasive when it comes to certain questions, chances are they aren’t what they seem to be. Also, if they push you to make your decision or the contact info looks too strange, maybe it’s time to look elsewhere. Because all of these things point to a con artist who wants to take advantage of you. Finally, in case everything seems too good to be true, you should definitely take some time to think and consult your lawyer. On the other hand, a good agent is available for all your questions and doesn’t hide any information from you. The real estate agent must possess a valid certificate, and they are honest with you even when it doesn’t suit them. 


Finding the best agent to help you sell your property is something you should approach seriously, so feel free to take your time until you find an agent your trust, because only then you’ll be able to build a relationship with them which will also help you feel comfortable asking various questions and also voicing your potential concerns. Additionally, be sure to do your research until you’re absolutely certain that you’ve got the right person who’ll handle the transaction in a professional and friendly manner.