There will always be a time when a business will be unoccupied or closed. Whether closing hours or a temporary suspension in operations, it can be vulnerable for the establishment to be completely unattended. In short, whenever your establishment is unoccupied, the higher its chances of being robbed.

This is especially true in times of crisis, just like the recent pandemic, where many businesses closed down due to health restrictions. Your security systems might not do as intended when your establishment is closed. Worse, if the other business surrounding you is closed, your business will be more vulnerable to theft. Since your business and the surrounding ones are closed, there will be fewer chances of the burglar being identified.

During the pandemic, there was a 23% decrease in unlawful entry with intent, but experts believe it might continue rising again due to the restrictions being lifted. To prepare for that, there are some things you can do to protect your business from theft.

Secure the Premises

Of course, as a business, your goods should be your number one priority because if you have no goods, what business will you have with your customers? That said, secure the perimeter of the entire establishment, especially the place where you store your goods. And not just physically, as you also have to make sure that your computer systems always have a strong password to protect both the business’ information and your customers.

Also, it would be better if your business had a data server where it could store all the important information that keeps your business running. Or, if you haven’t bought a server yet, you can keep the data in a secure and private data backup.

Lock All Important Doors and Entrances

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to have a lockdown in your place, especially when you’re taking in customers. That said, for restricted areas for non-employees, you should always check if the locks are in place and working. Also, make sure that you constantly check if these locks are in a topnotch condition and the ones you are using are also of high quality.

That said, always remind the last person on the premises to double-check the locks and ensure that all the security measures are in place. This should be included in your closing instructions.

Always the Arm the Security Systems

If you have security systems in place, make sure that they are working properly and at all times. Also, check if they have power backups in case of electricity outages. If you are planning to install CCTV cameras, make sure that they are under constant surveillance in places where burglars are lured to come in.

You can also place them in obvious places to try and intimidate any people trying to enter the premises illegally. Make sure to not create blind spots as much as possible. Also, CCTV are easy to install, especially wireless IP cameras as they are flexible according to commercial security systems specialists, Tec Sec.

Make Sure the Building is Well Lit at All Times

The darkness is a burglar’s friend. It makes a nice cover when someone is trying to sneak into your establishment away from the lenses of your CCTV cameras. That said, make sure that the establishment is well lit, especially at night.

If you have the budget, you can install motion detector lights near your CCTV cameras so when they turn on because of burglars, your CCTV cameras can take a look at their faces. Also, light all of your exterior building entrances and the adjacent alley or street.

Keep Track of Your Keys and Access Cards

Keys and access cards are important for your employees since they let them go into places where non-employees can’t go. That said, it’s also possible for them to lose it and have its custody to someone looking to rob your business.

To avoid this, make sure that you are tracking whoever has your keys or access cards at all times so whenever it gets lost, it is easier for you to find them.

Install Theft Prevention Systems

Theft prevention systems don’t stop at just CCTV cameras and motion-detecting lights. They also come in transparent security films or simple things such as window bars.

No matter what kind of business you have, you should always have the proper security measures to keep your business from being robbed. Doing so will prevent burglaries by a significant percentage of chance.

Final Words

Your business is vulnerable when you don’t have the appropriate security measures. If you don’t want your establishment to be robbed, you must ensure that it’s always under constant surveillance and that you have tight and secure security measures in place. Not only will this protect your business but your employees as well.

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Mick Pacholli

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