how to deliver emergency medications to your home

We all know the concept of home delivery, including catering, delivery of our groceries, etc. But for the delivery of medicines, how does it work?

Previously, it was forbidden to sell prescription treatments online, with the exception of pharmacies authorized to deliver medicines at home, including those prescribed by prescription.

However, very few patients could benefit from this service and access to medicines was therefore complicated in some cases.

You have surely already happened to be sick in the middle of the night, to call the doctor who comes to your house urgently and who prescribes medication. But unluckily, the 24-hour on-call pharmacy is very far from your home, and you have no way of getting around because you are bedridden.

Only solution? Call a loved one, hoping they answer, so they can go there for you.

Medication delivery 7 days a week and 24 hours a day for urgent needs

Today, thanks to new concepts, you will no longer find yourself in this same “hassle”. Online drug delivery is starting to take off.

Delivering medicines 24 hours a day with a digital prescription is the goal of Pharma Express, which thanks to its mobile application allows the patient to scan their prescription and send it to their pharmacy.

Once the prescription has been received, and the purchase has been made, the pharmacy prepares the order.

However, Pharma Express prioritizes safety above all else and allows the patient to validate the delivery of his medicines only after receiving the pharmacist’s instructions, either by phone or through the mobile application.

Once the delivery has been confirmed, the pharmacist will send the order to a courier who will deliver it to the patient’s home. Medicines are delivered 24/7 within less than 60 minutes.

Home care is a necessity that can affect us all, one day or another. Whether you are an elderly person, a person with reduced mobility, pregnant, that you have to take care of a sick child, or simply because you cannot go to the doctor in Anger, there are practical solutions that you can implement to treat you at home. Today you have the possibility of taking advantage of practical services, such as home consultation and delivery of medicines with the pharmacy delivery service. We will offer details on these solutions later in this article.

Bring a doctor home

Bulk billing home doctor is an innovative and effective way to get yourself the medical attention at home that you need during an emergency. When you cannot go to your usual doctor or to a medical office for a consultation, you can use the following services:

Matching applications

To be sure of benefiting from full consultation, it is best to have the doctor come to your home in Anger. To do this, know that you can use specialized applications. To take advantage of this, first, remember to check that your region is included in the scope of the service. Then, you will need to provide your contact information so that the available doctor can call you back to schedule an appointment. He will then move to your home to carry out auscultation.

Associations of free doctors

Associations of free doctors also have the habit of offering home consultations for people who need them at any time of the day or night. These associations work most of the time in urban areas; therefore, you must also check if your home is included. Once you have called the doctor, the doctor will come to your home to examine you.

Video consultation

Video consultation is a modern solution that allows you to consult a doctor without having to travel. To access it, connect to a site that offers this type of service, and that will put you in touch with a doctor. Once your request has been registered, your consultation can begin. The fact that the call is made on video will then allow you to show your symptoms to the doctor and speak to him orally. Your doctor will give you a prescription, and you can follow your treatment.

Note that this type of consultation is only suitable for mild cases that do not require an emergency, palpation or full clinical examinations: headache, allergies, digestive problems, etc. Otherwise, prefer to call a doctor at home.

Home medication delivery

Home medication delivery is also a service you can use when you can’t get around. To benefit from the delivery of medicines, you can contact a pharmacy on call in Anger, for example, or use a pharmacy application.

Your pharmacy may offer a drug delivery service to your home. More specifically, it is a service offered in collaboration with the post office, which allows you to have your drugs or Para pharmacy delivered over a long distance. This paid delivery service is, however, only available during working days from Monday to Saturday, and during standard delivery hours. You cannot, therefore, have your medicines delivered on Sundays, public holidays or at night, even if you contact a pharmacy on duty.

This service is still offered by few pharmacies throughout many countries. Only around 700 of them offer the porting of medicines, but this service is likely to develop rapidly.

Some local pharmacies may make exceptions and agree to deliver drugs to their customers’ homes. Pharmacists mainly agree to travel for the elderly and those with reduced mobility. They often take the opportunity to inquire about the state of the latter by making them a small courtesy call.

This last service remains occasional, but in case of need or emergency, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist.

Delivery via app

To have your medications delivered to your home, be aware that you can use pharmacy and Para pharmacy delivery applications. Their services mostly cover large cities. They include a whole network of pharmacies that operate in these cities, so before using them, you must check that the pharmacy you contact is included.

These applications allow you to have your medications delivered to you anytime, any day of the week thanks to a 24/7 service. The delivery service is even available during public holidays.

In addition, these pharmacy applications offer the advantage of being easy to use. To use it, simply scan or photograph your prescription, then send it to the pharmacy of your choice. In the process, you can also have other drugstore products delivered that do not require a prescription.

Finally, the drug delivery application also allows you to chat with your pharmacist using an integrated chat. Instant messaging will always be useful for checking with your pharmacist that your order has been prepared and sent, or for any questions that require clarification.

Pharmacy delivery rates

Using a pharmacy delivery app is cheap and effective. If you use the services of a pharmacy, the price of home medication delivery will vary depending on the weight of the package to be delivered, the distance the delivery person will have to travel as well as the delivery time. Don’t hesitate to group your prescription renewals and order for consumables such as lancets, compresses, etc. it can be very practical!


These tips will help you deliver emergency medication to your home without any hassle, even at times when weather warnings don’t let you go out to the hospital during an emergency situation. The future of home delivery of medicine will have some of the best home medication options for us.