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How to Decorate Your Dining Room: Top 6 Space-Saving Dining Table Ideas for Small Space



The dinner table is considered one of the essential pieces of furniture as it provides a place for the entire family to come and eat together. Not only that, but a dining table also enhances the interior decoration of the house overall.

However, at times dining tables become big and unfitting furniture depending on the dimension of the room. This increases the necessity of alterations or modifications to the table fitting into the desired dimensions. So everyone tries to find multiple ways that can help them to enhance their creativity to decorate their dining room. In today’s world, where there is generally a small space for the dining table, it becomes a difficult task how to make your dining room look beautiful and classy. Hence, we are here today with this amazing piece of article that will include the top 6 ways for space-saving dining table ideas for small space. 

1.    Drop-Leaf or Expandable Dining tables

how to decorate your dining room: top 6 space-saving dining table ideas for small space

Living in a small place gives rise to the need to think about space-saving furniture to make the room look complete. Creating more room for people to move around becomes a little difficult in the case of small spaces. Generally creating more storage spaces can be done with these two different types of furniture which are:

  • Expanding Dining Table
  • Drop-leaf Dining table

The expandable dining table is that type of dining table idea for a small space that transforms into two smaller tables and a big dining table, depending upon the need. However, it is advised to keep an extra seat to accommodate an extra person. On the other hand, a Drop-leaf Dining table serves as an economical space-saving for people living in small homes. This type of table can accommodate more people with just some help from extra seats. The expansion of such a table always results smoothly and too in a less cost.

2.    Determining the seating option

The attempt of saving space can also be achieved by choosing the seating arrangement of the chosen type of table. The number is somewhat dependent on the number of heads present in the household choosing the table’s seating arrangements. Various experts consider that a gap of 30 cm between each chair ensures the optimal usage of space. However, the different sitting arrangements make up one of the key elements in dining table ideas for small space. The different types of sitting arrangement options for the respective table are as follows:


how to decorate your dining room: top 6 space-saving dining table ideas for small space

The chairs without the arm take up less space in the room than their armed counterparts. The arms of the chairs prevent them from being completely pushed underneath the table. This also prevents the optimal usage of the room space.


For people who have a restriction in storage places in their apartments, folding chairs can be a good option as a seating arrangement for dining table ideas for small space. After being used, these chairs are made so that they can be stocked inside a closet or against each other. This helps in utilizing the space created by the absence of chairs around the dining table.

●       BENCHES

how to decorate your dining room: top 6 space-saving dining table ideas for small spaceBenches are a means that provides a great seating place along with utilizing the space in small areas. The heightened benches enable a better sitting place while providing the creation of extra space. Benches are, however, known to acquire lesser space than traditional chairs for dining tables.

3.    Customization of Shapes

how to decorate your dining room: top 6 space-saving dining table ideas for small space

People who stay in small, placed apartments prefer customizing the basic shape of the dining table to house more people. Therefore, customizing the shape and size has been popular as a space-saving dining table idea for small places. The most efficient place-saving shape, big housing numbers, is always considered a circle or round-shaped table. This provides the ultimate economical usage of the floor space provided the round table is placed in the middle of the room. However, various small rooms of people with a smaller number of heads can save floor space by opting for the square-shaped dining table adjacent to a corner in the room.

4.    Acclimatizing the design according to the room

how to decorate your dining room: top 6 space-saving dining table ideas for small space

The safest way of choosing dining table ideas for small spaces is by having furniture customized based on the dimension of the rooms. This prevents the furniture from looking out of place while also having ample space due to the measurements during customization. This process might be on the higher financial side but enables the optimal utilization of the room.

5.    Wall Mounted Dining table – A Classy choice

how to decorate your dining room: top 6 space-saving dining table ideas for small space

If you are looking for an awesome way that will look classy and will suit your small space dining room then you can opt for wall mounted dining table.  This trendy dining table comes in the form of a wall-mounted dining bench so when not in use, the dining bench can be mounted on the wall giving your dining room enough space. This kind of dining table is a perfect choice to save space and looks classy.

6.    Dining-cum-Play-Pool space

how to decorate your dining room: top 6 space-saving dining table ideas for small space

Another option for a small space dining hall is to buy a dining table that can turn into a play pool in no time. Yes! That’s a trending way that makes your children happy and your wife satisfied since no space gets wasted in its placement. You can use the dining table when required and can make it a play pool when you wish to play it with your friends or family. It is an exciting way to change the look of your room. It comes with a sliding board which can easily be slid to change the type of your table. Pool games are loved by everyone and now you can have them at your house too without thinking about the small space. Nowadays, when COVID has made it a regular work-from-home situation, it can enhance your mood and relaxes your environment as you now have a game corner at your home.


The above-discussed ideas serve as a reference for people looking for dining table ideas for small spaces. Incorporating a small space and adjusting the furniture accordingly is a tricky and daunting task. However, by following the above-discussed tricks, customers can easily design their dream furniture-laden room-saving floor space.

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