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How To Create The Best Business Headshots?



Your headshot is what makes you real in the virtual world. It is one of the most important components when it comes to telling your story and engaging with your audience.

That being said, if you are a business owner, then you need to have a professional-looking business headshot to display on your company’s website. A good business headshot created by professional photographers at Boem Headshots can help give a human face to your venture and present your brand in a good light.

Here are a few business headshot tips to help you get the perfect headshot that can elevate your career.

You Represent Your Brand, So Match Your Headshot To It  

As mentioned before, your headshot should be able to put a face to your brand. The best way to ensure you present the right headshot for your brand is to understand your brand image. For instance, the CEO of an accountancy firm might prefer a very simple image with a suit and professional lighting, while a creative business owner could have fun with their headshot and be a bit more casual. 

Use Professional Lighting

Professional lighting is extremely crucial to get a good image. Having said that, when it comes to taking a professional headshot or portrait photo, you must make sure there is enough natural light coming from windows on multiple ends of the room. If that is not possible, opt for a professional lighting setup.

Dress As If You Are Going To Meet A New Client

The way you dress, speaks volume about your personality. So, you must present yourself in a good light when getting clicked for a headshot. This, again, depends on the brand you are representing. But the best way to make sure you are well-dressed is to consider how you would want to dress up for meeting a new client.

Keep The Backdrop Simple 

The background makes a huge difference in how the headshots turn out to be. There are various options you can consider. You can go from an office setting to a completely white background. Just make sure that the backdrop doesn’t provide a distraction from the focal point of the image, which is you.

Style For Basic Hair and Makeup

This one is the most important business headshot tip. When styling your hair and makeup for a headshot photoshoot, simple is always the best. Don’t apply too much makeup; it may show in your photos. Also, make sure your hair is done well. Although, do not think about trying fancy and stylish hairdos that won’t necessarily look good in the photos.

Get Enough Sleep The Night Before

If you want your face to glow and look fresh in the photos, you must get a good night sleep before the shoot to avoid puffy eyes. Along with that, make sure you stay hydrated and eat healthy food. All these things impact your well-being, and hence play an essential role in how your photos come out.

Have A Good Posture

Good posture sends out a positive and professional vibe. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain it.

Simply sit with your back straight and shoulders relatively relaxed. However, don’t look completely stiff and boring in your headshot. If you want your brand to seem fun and realistic, try to keep the atmosphere at the shoot loose.

Get Multiple Shots

When it comes to choosing the best headshot for your LinkedIn profile, or to send to press outlets that interview you, it is good to have multiple options to choose from. So make sure you have numerous photos in different styles. If you are not changing the backdrop, angle and style of the photo, have at least a horizontal and vertical version so that it can fit with different publications and mediums.

Hire A Professional

A professional photographer can turn your headshot vision into reality. You might want to save a few bucks by hiring a budget photographer and getting an image that might work for a while. But it won’t be exactly what you’d like; you’ll quickly outgrow it and then move on. Therefore, you must get a professional image taken by a professional, one that helps your brand make a positive impression.

Get To Know Them

When looking for professional headshot photographers, don’t hire the first one you come across. Instead, go to the web, search for best headshot photographers in your area, take a look at their portfolios, and contact the ones who have a style you like.

It’s also a wise idea to get comfortable with the photographer you choose so that you can relate to them and easily make them understand what you want. Meet them, have a friendly conversation and try to get to know them.

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