how to clean a used couch?

You are buying a used couch from a friend or from some old furniture store and now you have to install the same in the living room. Looking into the pandemic situation, it would be vital to clean the sofa thoroughly before using the same.  How would it be to call someone for Upholstery Cleaning? It will help you to disinfect and clean the sofa pretty well.  Here are some of the best ways to disinfect and clean the used couch.

Best ways to clean the used couch

  • If you have bought the couch which has removable covers then when you bring it home, the best way to disinfect the same would be to remove the cushion covers and the sofa covers. You must wash them in the washing machine with a reliable detergent soap powder or liquid.
  • If the covers are not removable then you will have to use a vacuum cleaner on the same first. After that you must use a damp cloth and use water and vinegar drops to disinfect the sofa and to remove the smell.
  • The old upholstery is often unclean and filthy. Even though apparently they look good, when you buy a used couch, you must always keep a habit to clean the sofa completely.
  • If possible, you can keep the sofa out in the sun for a day. This will remove and kill all the harmful bacteria that might be living on the upholstery.
  • The old sofa might have faced a few spills and hence there might be some hard stains on it. You may even feel that it is stinking. To remove such smell, you must sprinkle baking soda powder on it and then after sometime vacuum clean the whole sofa.

It is vital to maintain the old upholstery well

Whether you are buying an old sofa or whether you are having your own sofa to be cleaned, you must understand that cleaning it is vital. You can either do that on your own or you can call for the best Upholstery Cleaning Service. You have to find the best option and this would be possible, if you read a few reviews. Take the right opportunity to select the best service and get your work done. If you come across the best and professional service then it will really work well for you.

We are experts in upholstery cleaning

We have the best tools and techniques and this can surely take you a long way. If you take some basic efforts to keep your home clean then there will be many different options that you may come across. Get ready to lead an amazing life once you have bought home furniture at home.

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