how to choose the right facial treatment for your skin type

Choosing the right facial treatment for your skin type will create the perfect base, give you healthy, glowing skin, and make your makeup look flawless. However, sometimes you may not know what the right choice is for you, so you can either try to learn and do it yourself or let the professionals do their job.

Choose professional skin treatments

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First of all, it is important to mention than your skincare routine should change based on the weather and the seasons. Spring has come to Australia, so we are going to talk about the proper care, and all of you who are eagerly waiting for spring and summer can take notes, and use these suggestions later on. 

Once the seasons change, it is a good idea to visit a dermatologist and let them prepare your skin. Professional treatments will give you soft and radiant skin, so make sure you try some of them.

Chemical peels, skin needling, microdermabrasion, are just some of the treatments you can try.

Oily skin 

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Some of the characteristics of oily skin are greasy appearance, blackheads, and acne, especially on the parts that get oily. You can experience larger pores, as well as your makeup not lasting throughout the day. Since these are the problems, some of the facials that might do well are acne and blackhead removal, along with the right masks, and moisturizers for your skin type. Your cosmetologist can use clarifying enzymes and topical retinoids. Chemical peels can shrink your pores, so this is a treatment that will suit oily skin best. This is a treatment you want to do with professionals, so make sure you choose a reliable aesthetic clinic that will provide you with the best care.

Dry skin 

Some of the indicators that you have dry skin are tight feeling, and a dull look of the skin, with no radiance because your skin produces less sebum. Although sebum-free skin sounds great, it can often look aged, and get wrinkles and dark spots. This is why the most common treatments are moisturizing and anti-aging. Apart from the regular steps of the facial that includes cleansing, exfoliating, and removing blackheads, the most important part of anti-aging treatment is moisturizing and using masks that are designed specifically for mature skin. Protective creams are also applied. As for the moisturizing treatment, rich face masks, and creams with lactic acid, urea, and collagen are used. They will bring back the elasticity and glow to your skin.

Normal skin

If you are fortunate enough to have normal skin, you can experiment and try different treatments depending on how your skin feels at that moment. Chemical peels, fruit acids, collagen treatments, anti-aging, and skin needling treatments, you can’t go wrong. Normal skin treatments will most likely include extraction from the oily areas, if needed, and moisturizing the dry patches. In the end, bringing back the hydration and water, and soothing your skin is mandatory.

Sensitive skin

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Sensitive skin is the hardest to treat in the sense that you have to be really careful what products and treatments you use since it can easily get dry, red, and irritated. This means no products with strong fragrances, alcohol, and common allergens. Enzyme treatments work very well since they are gentle enough, and they don’t irritate but do exfoliate and leave you with smooth skin.

At home facial treatments

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Even if you do get facials from professional dermatologists, at-home skincare is also important. There are some treatments and steps you can include in your routine to make sure your skin always looks good, between treatments. For oily skin, exfoliating more often, using a lighter moisturizer, and using mattifying toners are some of the basic steps. Purifying, clarifying, clay masks will work great because they will get rid of extra oiliness, and help with your blackheads. 

For dry skin, richer moisturizers, hydrating serums, and even face oils are needed because the most important thing is to hydrate your skin enough. Aqua bomb, sheet masks can be a part of your at-home spa day as well. Some of the ingredients you should look for are glycolic and lactic acid, and aloe vera, as well as urea.

If you have sensitive skin, it is best to leave the care to professionals, but you can use mild cleansers, light moisturizers without common irritants in them. And again, normal skin can take many different treatments, as long as you make sure it’s hydrated enough, and you clean it and exfoliate often.


Your whole skin care should consist of professional treatments for your skin type, which will give your skin exactly what it needs and everyday skincare since it can improve the look of it, and give it the radiant, flawless look we all love.