how to choose the perfect bathroom renovation ideas?

Bathroom should be a place to unwind oneself, feel comfortable and spend some time in solitude.  Bathroom renovation is in trend because it not only enhances the beauty of the bathroom, but it also makes it an enjoyable space. Bathroom renovation has its own benefits it gives a higher resale value. It is also a great up- gradation if you want to have energy efficient fixtures such as the low flow water sinks and shower heads, which are also very cost effective. So to make your bathroom incredible here are some bathroom renovation ideas which you can consider before renovating your bathroom.

  • Vanity: The first thing one should think about while renovating their bathroom is the vanity. The storage should be big enough to store all the essential products. The cabinets used can be monochromatic, so it makes the bathroom look simple and cleaner. Gold and metallic creatures can be a significant addition to the bathroom.
  • Walls: The walls can add a whole new vibe to your bathroom. Nowadays accent walls are in trend as they add depth, texture, and tone to the walls. Wallpapers are also universally used recently.
  • Add Natural Lighting: Although it is often considered difficult to add natural lighting in the bathroom as it a private room and using windows may not be a great option. But one can use patterned glass to avoid the breach of privacy. Natural lighting really helps and provides a soothing and relaxing environment. Hence, it is a great bathroom renovation idea.
  • Update the Sink: Sink are the most used commodity, and centre of attraction of a bathroom. Therefore by changing the sink you can give your bathroom a whole new look.
  • Flooring: It is important to choose perfect flooring for your bathroom. However, the bathroom floors are not supposed to be something fancy rather it should be practical. Ceramic Tiles are a great option for bathroom flooring. They are waterproof, non-slippery and easy to clean.
  • Funky Shower Curtains: Adding funky shower curtain can be an amazing bathroom renovation idea. It just adds a pop of color to the entire room and is also aesthetic.
  • Record Player: It is inexpensive to add a record player to the bathroom. It is really relaxing to listen to some light music while taking a bath after a long day at work.
  • Unique Tub: A unique tub can really add a whole new look to the bathroom. There are millions of designs available, but it is essential to choose the design that suits you the best and goes with the whole look of the bathroom. It should also be in the right size so that it fits perfectly in the room given the space and should also be comfortable enough.
  • Mirrors: Use a nice mirror. It is the most simple and minimalistic addition to one’s bathroom. It is also easy to install and budget friendly. Mirrors can make the bathroom look more spacious visually.
  • Electric Heated Floors: Unique bathroom renovation ideas can install an electric heater beneath the floor. It is a great feeling after having a hot water shower to have a warm floor. These are also energy efficient as it circulates the heat all over the floor, unlike a radiator.


Some bathroom renovation ideas are beneficial for reducing the clutter and make the bathroom look more organized. It also helps to become more eco-friendly by using materials which are more biodegradable and recyclable. It also helps in saving money in the future and saves the electric bills.