How to Choose the Best Transport Companies for Your Needs?

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Whether you are planning to move interstate or to some other state, and have to move your car from point A to point B, it can be much easier to hire one of the transport companies who can ship it for you rather than driving it all on your own. If you are planning to drive your car across the country, here are some important things to consider for choosing the best transport agency for your needs.

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Find out whether the company is registered in both the countries or not – i.e. the country where your car belongs to and the country where you are taking it . If your car needs to cross the lines of the state, you will need the services of transport companies that are registered with the Department of Transport in those countries. It has to give you a ‘DOT number’. If you are hiring an interstate car transport agency, make sure that it gives you a Motor Carrier number. You can check this on the DMV website. If you wish to ship abroad the car, choose a company that is registered with the FMC (Federal Maritime Commission) or whatever the equivalent organization in your country is.


Make sure that the company is properly insured, and properly accredited. While being moved, vehicles can get damaged occasionally. Thus, transport companies must be insured in a proper way, as to cover any damage that your vehicle might suffer while being transported. Try to know which things are covered by the insurance policies of the company as well as the insurance amount deductible that you have to pay in case of an insurance claim. You need to also check with your insurer and find out what it would cover, if your vehicle is damaged while being moved.

Services offered

It is also important to ask what kinds of services are offered by the transport company. Some transport companies operate only regionally, while others might have some limitations with respect to the size or type of vehicle that is to be transported. You have to check whether the company offers an open or enclosed car transport service. If your car is exposed to the harsh elements, Interstate shipping may have negative effects on it. However, an enclosed service might be a costlier option.

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Charges and fees

The rates for car transport companies vary. You have to check the costs for quite a few agencies to be able to have a comparison and ensure that you have an exact understanding of what is included in the expenses. You would not like to be hit by any ‘additional’ charge that you might not be aware of. Most agencies would comply with your requests for a free of cost estimate.

Carrier Options

You have to also consider what kind of shipping carrier suits your vehicle the best:

  • Open Carriers – This is the cheapest and most standard method of transportation. It is created for hauling vehicles of different varieties. An open carrier is used to haul and transport 95% vehicles.
  • Multi Carriers – These are low-cost carriers used by shipping agencies for hauling cars to a preferred spot. This is less costly but takes a longer time for the transportation of the vehicle to the preferred spot.
  • Enclosed Carriers – These are used generally for the transportation of luxury or Classic cars. The expense of transportation of a vehicle through this type of carrier is around 60% more as compared to an Open Carrier.

In case you have a luxury, car waiting to be shifted, you would benefit from enclosed carrier transport companies the most. It is designed with all the equipment that can keep your expensive vehicle protected safely from being hit by debris or rocks.