breakfast bar stool

The stools have become an essential decorative element for both homes and any hotelier premises. Bars, restaurants, discos, pubs … have this type of seating that offers a double function. On the one hand, they allow the diner to sit down while giving glamor, class, and modernity to the place.

The problem arises from the wide variety of stools that we find in the market, and we do not know if we choose the correct one.

First, the most important thing is to know where we will place it: if it is integrated into a bar counter or is the chairs of some high tables.

It is important to take this aspect into account due to the height issue. We have to be aware that not all diners are the same height so that the table or the bar can be very high or low, depending on the client.

One way to get it right and make the customer comfortable is by choosing height-adjustable stools. It is a type of stool with several positions.

Another aspect of assessing to choose the bar stool correctly is the style of the premises. There are minimalist aluminum stools that are perfect for the designer or wooden restaurants, and classic ones that are ideal for taverns that follow rustic lines.

On the other hand, the space of the premises is also a factor to consider. Many of the stools are stackable, so they take up less space when storing in the warehouse. You can even choose integrated stools so that they are under the table or bar counter.

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The stool takes height and invites itself near the bar in the kitchen. Practical above all, it is also a decorative asset.

What use?

This is obviously the first question to ask yourself when looking for bar stools.

Are you going to use them in your kitchen every day, or rather occasionally when receiving guests?

Who will use them? If you have children, you should preferably turn to adapted models, such as adjustable stools or those equipped with a more secure backrest.
Also, think about the solidity aspect and maintenance! If your blond heads regularly eat it, it is essential to bet on impact-resistant and easy to clean models.

Finally, don’t skimp on comfort. If you need to settle there daily, opt for cozy stools in which it is pleasant to spend time.

What material?

Metal, wood, plastic, leather… Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. If you’re looking for something sturdy and easy to maintain, set your sights on metal models. For a warm spirit, bet on wood, fabric, or leather. Finally, plastic stools are perfect in a contemporary interior.

What color?

Neutral or colorful, it all depends, of course, on the atmosphere you want to give to this space! Scandinavian spirit, blond and white wood to favor. Industrial look , go for metal and wood instead. In the bohemian atmosphere, you will love the rattan models. Are you more Art Deco? The velvet stools will suit you.

What style?

Whatever your interior style, there is bound to be a stool that will match, as the models are numerous and original. To help you select the one that suits you best, we invite you to discover our selection of trendy bar stools a little lower.

What height?

Height is one of the most important things to consider when choosing your bar stool. To not go wrong before purchasing, measure your bar’s height, from the ground to the bottom of the tray. Then subtract about 30cm to make sure you have enough room for your legs and knees.

Be careful if you choose a bar stool with armrests! Their position can indeed interfere with its storage when you do not need it.

What budget?

As with styles, today, there are bar stools to suit all budgets. The most classic models are, of course, the most affordable. For a more original or well-crafted piece, the price can drop from single to double.

Conclusion: In short, it is best to follow a simple rule: comfort, style, and height. This formula will undoubtedly lead you to the perfect choice for your stools.