How to choose a children’s trampoline?

how to choose a children’s trampoline?
Children bounce on trampoline

Trampoline is fun for children of all ages. It will be loved by both the smallest athletes and older children. But how to choose a children’s trampoline and not regret buying? Several questions need to be answered right away:

  • for kids of what age it is planned to buy a children’s trampoline;
  • where it will be located (on the street or in an apartment);
  • how many children or even adults will jump on it.

Having decided on the intended purpose, you can proceed directly to the selection of this sports equipment.

Trampolines for children – inflatable or spring?

Contrary to popular belief, children from 7 months of age can be allowed on the spring trampoline. With its help, the child will learn to stand up, keep balance and jump. This is a unique playground that serves as a simulator!

Here are some of the benefits of best toddler trampoline trampolines:

  • small size – a diameter of about 1 meter allows you to install it even in an apartment;
  • safety – height up to 20 cm eliminates the possibility of injury even in the event of a fall;
  • reliability – despite its compactness, the small trampoline can withstand up to 50 kg of weight, allowing even several children to play at the same time.

For example, inexpensive and high-quality models of children’s home trampolines are produced by the Leco factory. The reliable and strong material of the protective mat and canvas guarantees the durability of these trampolines. And removable legs allow you to store the game equipment even behind the closet!

how to choose a children’s trampoline?
Children bounce on trampoline

At the same time, it is not necessary to buy a children’s trampoline with a net – the canvas springs less than models for street or sports purposes, so children will not be able to jump high and be injured.

At the same time, by installing a children’s trampoline near upholstered furniture, you can do without special handles. Their role will be played by the armrests of a chair or sofa. It is much more convenient and safer than hard plastic handles.

Children’s inflatable trampolines are much more attractive for small children. Their fun colors and variety of shapes captivate babies at first sight. But the size does not allow to leave it indoors on a permanent basis. But for a fun outdoor recreation – this is a great option! The main thing is to buy an electric pump – it is problematic to manually inflate them.

Therefore, choosing an option for a summer residence, you can focus on an inflatable model. They are much safer because they have no solid parts. In addition, as many children as they want can play on an inflatable trampoline – this is a great alternative to public playgrounds.

How to determine the correct size of the trampoline?

For older children, you need to purchase a large children’s trampoline. Firstly, children grow up quickly and it is better to take the model “with a margin”. Secondly, it is always more fun to play in a company, so you need to calculate the size for at least three people.

For example, only one child can fit on a meter diameter trampoline, while a 1.6 m diameter trampoline is suitable for three. You also need to take into account the weight restrictions – even a large trampoline can only support 70 kg.

For a summer residence, it is better to choose large street models. They are designed for weight up to 400 kg and allow you to have fun with a large company. Of course, the choice of a children’s trampoline for a summer residence should be taken seriously. There is a high risk of injury – after all, children cannot live without experiments!

What to look for when choosing a large outdoor children’s trampoline:

  1. The quality of the materials . The fabric and protective mat must be protected from moisture and ultraviolet radiation. The quality of the racks is also important – they hold the entire structure. It is necessary to pay attention to the protective mesh – soft, elastic, but strong material is considered ideal.
  2. Number of springs . The more there are, the more reliable and durable the design.
  3. The location of the protective net and mat . In a high-quality trampoline, a net separates children from other parts of the structure – struts, springs. That is why, even with a protective mat, the net should be in front of it, and not enclose the perimeter.
  4. Reliability of connectors . When assembled, the trampoline should not stagger and wobble, otherwise, with active use, it can simply roll over! If the trampoline can be shaken even with your hands, you will have to drive additional clamps into the ground that will hold the legs.

In this regard, Hasttings trampolines are the best choice. The quality of materials, assembly reliability and safety are at their best. Even the inlet valve is made so that after entering the trampoline, it closes itself. A dense and soft mesh prevents any kind of injury – from scratches to bruises on hard parts of the structure.

Which trampoline to choose – with or without a net?

Large outdoor trampolines must be equipped with a net. Their canvas is resilient enough to throw a child up several meters. If the jumps are made close to the edge, there is a fairly high chance of landing past the trampoline on hard ground.

But children’s trampolines for the house do not have to have a net. It is desirable only for toddlers, when the trampoline combines the function of an arena.

If the child is focused on sports, you need to pay attention to professional models. They have a rectangular shape and differ in the material of the canvas. Such a trampoline can throw a person up to 10 meters!

Therefore, for sports, special rooms with high ceilings are more suitable, where, under the supervision of a coach, a child will perform all exercises correctly and with a minimum of risk.

Which trampoline to choose is an individual decision. The main thing is not to forget about safety precautions!