how social media influencers are helping people against coronavirus

It’s that time of the year when everybody is fighting to stop the spread of the pandemic- COVID-19. Whether it’s about the healthcare sector or the viral videos at all the leading social media platforms. Everybody is striving to guide people and to help them stay at home for as long as possible.

If you take a look at the global healthcare spending statistics, millions of funds are being released by the government to either make medical supplies or to provide food to the needy ones. Scientists and pharmaceuticals have buried their heads into manufacturing the cure of this deadly disease while millions of the people around the globe are showing uncooperative attitudes towards the quarantine situation.

However, in this struggle to fight the pandemic social media and its influencers are showing great support and contribution to control the spread and engage the users to spend time at home. Even though many influencers have lost their source of income due to the massive shutdown of industries, yet they are determined to stay consistent and relevant on their social profiles to keep their followers enthralled and engaged.

Contribution of Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are playing a role in disseminating the spread of fake news. All the leading platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat are taking steps to ensure guidance across every corner. These platforms have improvised their publishing and posting policies and are supporting to optimize the content of those related to the coronavirus. Social media platforms are playing their part to create a well-connected and informed online community for billions of active users.

how social media influencers are helping people against coronavirus

Facebook Stops The Spread Of Misinformation

Mark Zuckerberg and his platform Facebook both are in the limelight since the first wave of the pandemic due to his efforts to stop the spread of misinformation through his platform. He has bee taking strict measures and tight technique to evaluate and analyze the information and control it from misguiding the users. By evaluating the statistics from credible sources like the World Health Organization, the CEO of Facebook is showing his contribution to help the users and guide them about the COVID-19.

The COVID-19 Information Hub on WhatsApp

In partnership with WHO, UNDP and UNICEF, WhatsApp has launched its hub of information to fight COVID-19. During this pandemic, one thing that can truly make a huge difference is to guide people about ways to handle such a situation and how to keep themselves isolated and protected. The lack of information is the major concern pf all healthcare professionals. Therefore, this information hub is a great contribution.

The Promotion ToSelf-Isolate on Instagram

Where Facebook is cutting down all the false channels to spread the information and WhatsApp is monetizing its hub of information, Instagram has proven to be a great player to fight the disease. The platform has provided a number of interesting Stay Home stickers to add more appeal in the Insta-stories. You can even browse Instagram friends over video chat as well. The exciting new features are making the users stick to their smartphone for longer.

Twitter Is Expanding in Its Size

Due to the pandemic, the number of users over Twitter has greatly increased up to 23%. The platform is making its every last effort to keep its users entertained and indulged alongside banning such sources of information that can increase the spread of the virus. Twitter is also taking serious steps to evaluate user profiles to know if anybody is spreading any negative impact on others and adding more trouble to this COVID-19 pandemic.

LinkedIn And Its Corporate Updates

LinkedIn platform has improvised its newsfeed algorithm making post having information about new job opportunities for those terminated from their offices due to the pandemic crises available. Now you can easily come across several posts indicating new job vacancies in your region on the platform and get the desired job even if your company has laid you off on a sudden notice. 

The Role of Social Media Influencers To Fight Off Coronavirus

As the near-term effects of the pandemic continues to create crises around the globe, influencers on social media and marketers have started making creative and innovative measures to keep their audience engaged. They adapted the best and the safest strategy to stop the spread.

The actor known for his famous role as the Professor in the Money Heist TV Series, Alvaro Monte has been keeping his followers entertained with the updates of the release of his new season, The Paper House”. He even sang the song Bella Ciao on a live video on Instagram motivate the isolated people.

how social media influencers are helping people against coronavirus

He even on his Instagram profile that, “I’m trying to be as responsible as I can, leaving my house just for the really essential things. I’m aware there are so many people working very hard and having a hard time so that the rest of us can lead as normal a life as can be.”

Apart from this, influencers like Al Fahad Bari- the travel blogger and the famous fashionista IshratZaheen are all now sitting inside their home and posting pictures to motivate others to do the same. With now not much to do in the fashion and travel industries, these influencers are showing their dedication to teach their followers some other skills and to help them discover their creative talents.

how social media influencers are helping people against coronavirusWhen talking about creativity, it seems like the famous artist Chris Mann on YouTube is doing his utmost efforts to keeping his viewers amused with his tracks related to Coronavirus guidance. With over a million subscribers, the artist hasreleased his song that is entertaining his viewers and helping them understand the seriousness of the pandemic.

how social media influencers are helping people against coronavirus

There are many other influencers who are posting pictures and writing captions to contribute their efforts in stopping the spread. Influencers like Fabi Alamode,Caracas and the influencer marketing company Xomad have created a lot of buzz in the industry.Xomad is even initiating campaigns to link the influencers with the legal information spreading measures to speed up the process and bring out effective results considering the massive reach of the famous influencers all across the globe.