how servsafe test will help you survive the ‘game of thrones’?

Are you curious about this article? Probably “yes” because you are here to finish reading this it. Many of the readers might be wondering what is ServSafe test and what it can do to survive in “Game of Thrones.”

The article will not discuss the series but about the business, particularly the food industry. The game of business is somewhat similar to HBO’s series. The 2011 series has taught lessons that can be useful in business.

Prioritize the Battles That Matter Most

Once you enter the business as a CEO, you will face a lot of battles.  GOT series taught viewers to identify your priorities. In the series, some victories are for the future of the seven kingdoms, while some are fiefdoms that may matter less. Learning what to prioritize is essential in the business because you need to save time and effort for the biggest challenges.

Pay Attention to Customers’ Feedback, But Not too Much

There is a saying in the business, “the customer is always right.” Although it is essential to listen to the comments of your customers. However, you need to analyze what are the most logical ones. In GOT series, you’ve witnessed a scene where villagers disagreed with Daenerys’ policies.

You need to be open-minded with the criticisms. However, not all those people know what you’ve been through and how you view things. Learn to balance the need to consider the comments of your audience versus to stick with the game plan. Remember, you are the driver of your business.

Have Faith

Experiencing the ups and downs in business is inevitable. You may find yourself tired and unmotivated. If you think destiny is not cooperating with your plan, never lose faith. Remember, Jon Snow came back from the dead.

Then How Servsafe Test will Help You in the Business?

In the food industry, acing the servsafe test is a big deal. When you get a certificate, you will establish credibility and earn the trust of the public. In GOT, credibility is vital to earn the trust of the people. Remember Daenerys? She has proven that she deserved to be a leader after all the challenges she has gone through.

The certification speaks for your business. It is proof that you hired the right person for the manager position because he knows safety knowledge to protect the public from foodborne illness. 

What is Servsafe by the way?

Before finishing this article, it is essential to know what is ServSafe. It is a program developed by the National Restaurant Association (NRA) that aims is to ensure food service workers are knowledgeable about food safety. 

Anyone will receive a Servsafe certificate has proven that she/he has sufficient knowledge in food safety. There are four types of certificates, which include: ServSafe Food Manager, ServSafe Food Handler, ServSafe Alcohol, and ServSafe Allergens.

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How to get a certificate?

You need to pass the two-step profess before earning the certificate. First, learn the subject. It takes a lot of time to review some pointers. Of course, just like any courses, you need to pass the examination.

Each certificate has its exam because of there four different courses available. So expect the textbooks and other materials are different from the others.

Final Thoughts

While not all GOT examples are not the best to apply for your life, be critical to find out what are the lessons that could help you survive the business. Despite disappointments, triumph, and lost, never forget to have faith and keep your feet on the ground.