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How Safe Is The Use Of Bull Bars?


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There are various kinds of additions that people include in their vehicles for different reasons. Sometimes drivers add modifications for improving the car’s performance or add to the aesthetic value of the vehicle. For individuals who like to drive off-road, add-ons such as more substantial bumpers, different tires, and bull bars are some of these additions.

Crash guards or bull bars have been used in big SUVs for a while. To protect the vehicle, a bull bar or a ‘push bumper’ or a ‘brush guard’ installer in front of the vehicle. Now specific questions have been posed against the safety issues that come along with their usage. A bull bar is a metal grill installed on the front end of a car to protect it from damage at the time of a collision.

They act as a protective measure and as a shield against the direct impact on sensitive parts. To keep your car safe from any physical damage, adding a bull bar will be very handy and a brilliant addition to your vehicle for additional support. The main reason for using these bars is to provide collision protection to the driver and the car’s occupants. They also protect the front end of the vehicle and provide safety to the cooling system, engine bay, and suspensions.

how safe is the use of bull bars?

They are also helpful in adding off-road equipment such as LED spotlights, antennas, etc.

However, on the other end, there are some drawbacks of the same. Not just the high cost of installation, they also pose a serious threat to pedestrians. If you go by the law of momentum, there needs to be an absorption of energy so that momentum can be conserved. The shape and size of a vehicle are already made in such a way so that it can deal with the impact of the crash. Suppose the weight of the object receiving the hit will experience a heavy jerk in such a case. It means that if a pedestrian or a cyclist is hit by a vehicle with the Bull Bars installed, it will get a significant impact and go flying away at the car’s speed.

Here Are A Few More Reasons Why There Should Be A Restriction On The Usage Of Bull Bars In Vehicles:

  • They can interfere with the working of the airbags as the sensors can malfunction due to the installation of the Bull Bars.
  • They can cause harm to the chassis of the vehicle. In case of a significant accident, the impact is distributed disproportionately.
  • The installation of these bull bars reduces fuel efficiency that comes with the increased weight and compromised front suspension.
  • Various studies have been conducted that prove that bull bars are extremely dangerous for pedestrians and two-wheeler riders. They work entirely against the car’s design, which is made in such a way so that we can reduce the impact of a pedestrian is hit by the vehicle. They can cause severe injuries that can be fatal.

how safe is the use of bull bars?

Because of all these reasons, we have seen a growing debate in Australia regarding the safety implications of these add-ons in heavy vehicles. In many cases, it has been found that in the encounters between these vehicles and animals, especially kangaroos crossing streets lose their life in such accidents. The amount of damage caused to these animals is increased manifold due to the installation of these Bull Bars.


Ultimately, it is the car owner to decide whether to install a bull bar or not. However, if you’re purely looking for aesthetics and it’s not an absolute necessity, you should try to avoid it as it can hamper the car’s functioning, and the cons outweigh the pros.


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