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Ever dreamt of launching an on-demand tax booking app like Uber? If this idea excites you we have good news for you. Don’t worry it isn’t a costly idea, but yes lucrative one. React native uber clone development is trending these days.

Cab booking apps such as Ola, Uber, Lyft, or Didi are becoming extremely popular. That’s because now companies are getting a react-native uber clone app that has very look-alike features like Uber along with Geolocation, Maps, and Tracking functionality. We offer a high-quality React Native uber clone taxi app helping businesses to launch their on-demand cab booking service quickly.

If you are thinking about why to build an app on React-Native and not any other technologies, it’s because:

It is known for providing optimal performance

Undeniably, when developed Uber clone app on react-native technology it is a real asset, improving the performance through modules and controls.

The performance is enhanced because it makes use of different threads from native APIs and UI.

It lessens the time to write code

The best part is, the codes are already written. Under React native the pre-written codes can be used. The developers can use the same code to develop an amazing app for different platforms in one go.

UI focused

The primary focus of react-native is on UI. It supports a highly responsive interface. Another reason why apps are nowadays preferred is, it can smoothly perform on both platforms i.e. Android as well as iOS. Hence, minimizing the coding efforts.

Uber clone taxi app built on React native technologies is very much trending since it makes it easy to launch the app in a minimum of days that is 2 days. Thus; helping businesses to the next big level without any kind of complication.

Increased flexibility

The kind of user interface that the technology uses, makes it extremely easy for any developers from the team to coordinate with ease and start to continue building. Hence, this increases flexibility, easy to upgrade, and update your Uber clone app. additionally, it provides flexibility to the testers, making it easy in creating testing scenarios.

Can make changes immediately

React-native allows the developers to view and make changes to their codes on a real-time basis. It is one of the greatest advantages to the developers as they can know where to make improvements on a real-time basis.

Publishes updates for your apps quickly


To publish the updates for your Uber Clone app, it takes a while as developers have to go through their creative process and make the changes for both the app separately. But, when you have a Uber clone app built on react native, the process is simplified. The apps can be updated simultaneously which way simpler and faster.


As developers create the updates and necessary improvements for the users, this entire process can be done through OTA updates. This means the updates can still reflect even when your users are using the apps. So, when the next time your user opens the app, the update is already done.

Thus, it eliminates the process of updating the app through the app stores manually and gets it approved by the Android on the Apple store.

Saves time and money


Because 90% or more of the code is compatible, meaning it is compatible with both Android and iOS. This means the developers will be developing one app but two apps are created. This saves time in the development of the Uber Clone app but also saves money which most of the entrepreneurs are skeptical of spending.

With React Native, the business can have both the apps for half the cost of creating an entirely new version. Also, maintaining and upgrading are done on both the apps at the same time saving future costs.


Wrapping Up

React Native clone apps because it provides a range of benefits to the clients. Saving both developing the Uber clone app and maintaining it. What’s more, it saves money since our clients get the app at a fraction of the cost and even costs less in maintaining it. The technology performs great on mobile devices and it is movable in the future if necessary.


However, it is important to know your business requirements and see how the app is performing before you go ahead and make the purchase. Find out more by discussing it with a professional mobile development company and know how it can benefit your business by creating React Native Uber Clone App.


Author Bio:

Anurag Rathod is an Editor of, who is passionate for app-based startup solutions and on demand business ideas. He believes in spreading tech trends. He is an avid reader and loves thinking out of the box to promote new technologies.