Carpet cleaning can be tricky. You can never tell whether it’s clean or not just by looking at it. The carpets contain more dirt weight than its actual weight. Depending on the traffic of the area, the amount of dirt that can get accumulated over time varies. If you have pets and kids then the condition of your carpet is much worse than you think. Dirty carpets can get you and your family into serious illness. Carpets should be vacuumed at least twice in a week. It should also be professionally cleaned to ensure all the allergens are removed properly. Have a look at some things people do thinking their carpets are clean.

  • Picking up and eating the food that fell on the carpet. Over 90% of carpet users have confessed to doing this. Carpeting and five-seconds rule do not get along very well. Bacterias present on the carpet can live for weeks and it is not good if it gets into your stomach. 
  • People also admit to rearranging the furniture in your rooms for covering stains. Stains should be either cleaned immediately or need to be professionally removed. Use services like Brisbane carpet cleaning for these types of issues.
  • Most people have used shoes they used outdoors and vacuuming alone cannot get rid of this dirt. 

If you are planning on keeping your carpet clean by vacuuming every day, you are cutting off the carpet’s lifespan. If you have a wooden floor, quick swipe and mop will do the trick. It is the same with tiles too. If you want a more thorough service Brisbane tile cleaning and similar services are available. But with carpets, it is more complicated. 

There are two ways you can have a clean carpet. Either rent a carpet cleaning equipment or hire a professional cleaning service. 

  1. Do surface-level cleaning

Cleaning your carpet on the surface level is essential for a clean carpet. Do this regularly. Vacuum it twice every week. It can be hazardous to vacuum it every day because the air that blows cannot be very clean. Just vacuuming cannot remove food stains or things of that sort stuck to your carpet. 

  1. Professional cleaning

For a prolonged life and fresh carpet, it is advised to have your carpet professionally cleaned every six months. Once a year, it is mandatory to clean it professionally. You may not get your regular carpet services from the manufacturer if it is not professionally cleaned even once in 18 months. If you do not know how to clean your carpet properly there will be a lot of irreversible damage that can be caused to them which will later need replacement and will cost you a whole lot of money again. 

There are three things to look out for while doing the cleaning yourself. The first is getting the essential equipment. Second, make sure the equipment has proper heating settings and cleaning solutions. Third, scrubbing and extraction of dirt should be done excellently. 

Choose a cleaning solution that is pH balanced and does not leave a soapy residue. A soapy residue can make the carpet attract dirt more than before and skin irritations. Choose a certified technician for cleaning to avoid such problems. While wetting your carpet for rinsing, make sure it is not over wet because moisture content for a long time on the carpet can cause damage. 

If there are stains on your carpet, do not rub it. This damages the carpet fiber. Blot from outside to stop the stain from spreading. Use white towels to wipe the carpet so that the color of the towel does not get mixed with the carpet. It is good to take action on stains and marks once you notice it. Because waiting to clean can make it more of a permanent one. 

Do your research before hiring professional cleaners on how much they charge and how good they handle the carpets so that you get your carpets cleaned effectively without any damage that can cost you more money.