Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat

Yoga is a traditional way to calm your body and stay fit. The best way of experiencing the benefits of yoga is to practice it in a natural space. However, due to the life-threatening pandemic, we were not able to practice yoga in natural spaces. Therefore, we started using yoga mats for a better experience.

Due to the increasing danger to the environment from non-degradable wasteIt is an environmentally friendly decision benefiting all. Previously, the PVC mats were very harmful as it is one of the most harmful types of plastic. But now the problem can be solved.

Yoga has helped yogis fathom their inner natural energy and enhance their yoga experience. Let us understand the benefits of using an environmentally friendly yoga mat.

Benefits Of Using an Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat:

The PVC yoga mats have added phthalates to make them soft and flexible. However, phthalates naturally disrupt the hormones and are very harmful to our bodies.

However, with the use of eco yoga mats, these harmful effects can be avoided. Additionally, enhancing the benefits of yoga and providing a refreshing experience. Further, there are also factors that make an Eco-friendly yoga mat a responsible and better decision.

A Natural & Pure Material Removes Any Harmful Effects:

Eco-friendly mats are recyclable and are reused as they are made up of naturally occurring rubber. Additionally, they do not have any harmful effects on the environment.

An Eco yoga mat made of natural rubber can give you a refreshing experience and calm your body. However, none of the naturally present rubber is free of chemicals; it is still better than synthetic rubber.

It Helps the Environment by Being Recyclable:

The use of plastic material has been a threat to the environment. An Eco yoga mat removes the hazardous effects that a regular yoga mat poses to the environment. The soul of yoga connects to the natural surroundings, and this eco-friendly yoga mat helps us achieve it.

An eco-friendly yoga mat removes the psychological imbalance that a yogi may face while using a regular non-eco-friendly mat.

Yoga Mat
Yoga Mat

Comfort is the Key:

Yoga is a kind of meditation. Therefore, the best way to stay connected to your inner self is to be comfortable in what you are doing. In doing this, it would help if you looked for comfortable mats.

Apart from being environment friendly, the Eco yoga mat is amazingly comfortable as it provides a better cushion for your knees and joints.

Types Of Eco Yoga Mats Available in The Market:

Different organizations are working on manufacturing several eco-friendly yoga mats. While some are better for your comfort, some provide an aesthetic sense to your yoga. So, let us look at the different types of eco-friendly yoga mats available.

  • Jade Yoga mats are made up of natural rubber. Apart from being eco-friendly, these are very comfortable and less expensive.
  • Manduka is a latex-free that is super lite and easy to carry.
  • Suga mats are made up of recycled wetsuits. Apart from being recyclable, these Eco-friendly yoga mats are safe and can be used again and again. However, they are very heavy and not easy to carry around.

It is especially important to use a mat that keeps you comfortable throughout a fruitful and refreshing experience.


Yoga is greatly beneficial for your health. It helps you to connect with your natural surrounding and to understand your body in a better way. Additionally, yoga can give you that immunity booster and help you in these tough health situations, and the right kind of yoga mat ensures comfort, thereby guaranteeing a successful yoga session.