how a bath relieves stress?
how a bath relieves stress?

Living in a 9 to 5 cycle is what life is today. We all are struggling with one thing or another. Some of us are happy with our jobs; some are not, but the stress and anxiety come with it are constant. No matter how happy and satisfied you are, how good your office environment is, we all have some pressure kind on us be it the pressure of meeting deadlines or technical errors. These kinds of pressure lead to anxiety, and that ultimately result in stress and depression. There are a variety of ways in which we can lose the stress and anxiety that comes with our job, but most of the solutions and ways are so expensive that they take half of the salaries. Be it the gym membership, a therapy session with a psychotherapist or a good spa day. These are some good ways to release stress and tension, but it takes a lot of time to plan it, and a can be a little heavy on the pocket as well.

Not all the stress in our life comes from work. Some of it comes from our relationships and family as this kind of stress is difficult to cope with. The office stress can be address by taking a day off or meeting that deadline, but how can you take a day off from your personal life and relationships. It is almost impossible until and unless you pack your stuff and move to a place, where no one knows you. Starting a new life from scratch is not easy. So how about you stay where you are and deal with the stress and become strong in the process.

bath relieves stress

This is a little hard, but let us start by doing the little things that help and make us feel better. There are small changes in your lifestyle that can work like wonders for you. The best way to deal with anxiety is good relaxing long baths. Yes, you heard it right! Baths are the best therapy you can get, and the best part is you do not need anyone for this. There have been many types of research, which explain the benefits of baths and how it helps people with stress.

Some of How Baths Relieve Stress are as Follows

ME time:

We all need time for ourselves. All over the day, we are surrounded by people. Be it our colleagues or friends. Sometimes all a person need is a few moments alone with his or her self, but we could not find those moments in all the chaos. Spending time alone can solve a lot of problems and can help relieve stress. When you come back from the office, pour yourself a nice warm bath with some candles and some bath bombs. Put all your gadgets aside and lie down in your bathtub. The idea surely sounds nice when you read it but try it once, and you will see the difference it can make in your life. It will help you deal with all the stress in your life. It will give you time to think and enjoy yourself at the same time.

Relaxes your body:


A good nice and long bath relaxes your body very much. When the body gets relaxed, your mind automatically feels fresh, and that can help you relieve stress and deal with it. When you wake up in the morning, try starting your day with a good warm bath for a week and see the difference in your stress level. This will put you in a good mood early in the morning, and you will have a good calm start to your day. It will also help you in waking up and feel more awake, which will eventually lead to mindfulness and focus on work. Focusing better on your work will help you meet your deadlines and deal with the stress and pressure that comes with it. Wake up early, have a good healthy breakfast and get a bath. You will feel a lot better. And also will feel more relaxed.

Burn calories

Many of us at this age is stress over the pounds we are gaining daily. It has been proven in research that a long hot bath helps you lose weight and those extra calories you had. Long baths help you boost your metabolism. Good metabolism will help you lose your weight and will also help you get rid of the stress that comes with those extra pounds and calories.

Muscle sorenes


Muscle soreness after the workout can also be the cause of your stress. Muscle soreness can be uncomfortable and painful and can give you a hard time falling asleep. Warm baths are the best way to get rid of muscle soreness and pain that comes with it. Therefore, have a good bath after your workout, release all the stress and tensions that come with, and sleep better.

Better sleep:

It has been said that a good 8 hours of sleep can help people cope up with all kinds of stress. The people having stress and anxiety in their life have trouble falling asleep. Our body temperature usually drops at a time, and a hormone name melatonin releases after that which helps us in falling asleep. Warm baths at night before going to sleep increases the temperature of our body. This way, when the body releases the heat from the bath, it stimulates the release of melatonin. This release of the sleeping hormone can help you fall asleep early and get a night of good REM sleep.


These are how baths can help you get rid of the stress. Baths help people in many other ways as well. Bathing relaxes your body and has plenty of health benefits. It is good for people with diabetes and hypertension. It also makes your skin look better and glowing. Make it a habit to have good long baths twice or thrice in a week, and see the difference in yourself.