There is never a bad time to buy a heater. Sure, when winter is over you may not need it. But with a cold snap around every corner, and the temperature of some mornings climbing right down – you won’t ever regret having a heater on hand. But how do you know which one to buy? As a society we know too much now about what is safe for the environment and what is harmful, so buying a heater can raise more questions than answers. Find out what makes a heater eco-friendly and why you should consider an electric model.

How is an electric heater different to others?

Your main heater types are electric, gas and heater pump. The electric heater is 100% efficient which means better for the environment as well as your bill. The electric heater is similar to a hair dryer in that it produces waves of heat that radiate through your room or house. The former two produce heat more similar to a refrigerator, heating each room to be warmer.

You can install your electric heat through your baseboard or alternatively through a central furnace, it all depends if this is an indoor or outdoor heater. It is generally less expensive to install an electric heater than another heating system. An electrical system also comes with more advanced controls, so that you can time your heating as well as elect a function that will turn itself off after the room meets a certain temperature.

What makes a heater eco-friendly?

It’s important to choose a heating system that is eco-friendly to reduce our carbon footprint and do our bid to a cleaner future. Heating and cooling are some of the most expensive bills you get as a homeowner, so choosing an eco-friendly model is a great commercial benefit. So, what makes a heater eco-friendly? Energy star ratings do.

Energy star ratings give you an indication of just how efficient the appliance or system is so you know how often you can use them and the limited impact it will create. Reverse cycle units also make a heater eco-friendly (provided they are a high star rating), some of which produce just one-fifth of the greenhouse gas emissions that a run-of-the-mill heating system may use.

Things to look for when buying your electric heater

So, what do I look for in an electric heater, and what to know about your home before you buy a model? Star ratings a key indicator so pay attention to what they tell you about the model you are interested in. Choose the right size heater, as too big you will be wasting money on something you don’t need, and too small will not provide any heat but you will pay the bill regardless.

Look for a heater with controls for the thermostat so that you can create and maintain your ideal heat, which will also be more efficient. Some heaters detect the temperature of a room and will turn off when this is achieved. Also decide on which areas of the home you want to be heated. That draughty high ceiling bathroom might not be possible, so only choose a heater that will suit the size of the home that you want to be heated.


Considering a heating system that is eco-friendly is a great step in the right direction. Choosing an electric model will give you increased efficiency, a smaller bill, and the best part is knowing that you have made a conscious decision for the environment. Look around at the different types of electrical heaters before you choose, and come equipped with all the details you need about your home and the space you are wanting to heat.