The mind shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s wisdom; the heart, in proportion to one’s courage; and the soul, in proportion to one’s love.

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Whether you’re eating red meat or white meat, a lean cut is the healthier way to go. From You’ve probably heard eating too much fatty red meat is bad for your health, while lean meat and chicken are better choices. So, recent headlines claiming white meat is just as bad...
Do you have trouble putting orthotics in your shoes? Or when you put them, they feel uncomfortable? Well, with the helpful tips you will get to know how to use your insole to the fullest. Remove the existing footbed or insole first If the insole is too long, then it...
Sick with the flu
You might feel terrible. But your runny nose, sore throat and aches are signs your body is fighting the flu virus. And that’s a good thing.  from “You never forget the flu”. This is the title of the Victorian health department’s current campaign, which highlights people’s recollections of having the...
Improvements in heart health accounted for more than half of the improvements in our overall health. From In the 12 years to 2015, life expectancy in Australia increased by 2.3 years for men (to 80.4) and 1.6 years for women (to 84.6). Our health-adjusted life expectancy increased along with...
There are many reasons why an individual might need Oral Surgery. However, it solely depends on the dentist whether or not he will recommend it depending on the gravity of the problem. People suffering from traumatizing toothache visit the dentist’s clinic for relief. If the dentist deems the problem...


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