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The mind shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s wisdom; the heart, in proportion to one’s courage; and the soul, in proportion to one’s love.

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will eating chicken reduce your risk of breast cancer?
While this research has merit, it doesn’t exactly tell us eating chicken reduces risk of breast cancer. From shutterstock.com You might have seen headlines recently claiming eating chicken reduces a person’s risk of breast cancer. These reports were based on a new study published in the International Journal of Cancer this month which...
why do i dwell on the past?
Dwelling on the past, like writing in a diary, is part of being human and helps us form our identity. But not all memories are helpful.shutterstock Many of us enjoy writing in a diary, reading autobiographies or nostalgically reflecting with others about past times. Why is remembering our past so...
no, eating chocolate won’t cure depression
If you’re depressed, the headlines might tempt you to reach out for a chocolate bar. But don’t believe the hype. from www.shutterstock.com A recent study published in the journal Depression and Anxiety has attracted widespread media attention. Media reports said eating chocolate, in particular, dark chocolate, was linked to reduced symptoms of depression.     Unfortunately, we...
supermarkets put junk food on special twice as often as healthy food, and that’s a problem
Supermarkets may discount junk foods to capitalise on the ‘impulse buy’. From shutterstock.com Half-price chips, “two for one” chocolates, “buy one get one free” soft drinks: Australian supermarkets make it very easy for us to fill our trolleys with junk food. Add in the bonus of an Ooshie or a Little Shop collectable and you’re...
league of gentlemen – challenge charity lunch
Over the last three years, Kate and Joel Gniel have watched their youngest son go through cancer treatment. Not only have they seen first-hand the stress it can place on a family but also the incredible support a community can provide.    The League of Gentlemen is a 'men only' event...