When it is time to renovate your bathroom, kitchen, or even your laundry room, you want to make sure that you hire certified, professional renovation plumbers Perth.  Whether it is a small project or a larger project, you should hire a professional.  They have the knowledge, experience, and tools to get the job done faster.  These plumbers should be hired to add a shower, add or create a new bathroom, plumbing a new laundry area, running the plumbing to a remodelled or new kitchen.

State licensing

You can ask to see proof of their license but you should check out the state’s licensing website.  In addition to telling you if they are licensed or not, the website will also let you know if they have resolved or pending complaints.  The website will just tell you if they are licensed but they are not recommending any certain plumber.  All it is saying is that they have satisfied the requirements in order to be licensed and to stay licensed.

Plumbing Plan

Before you look for a renovation plumber, you should have a solid plan of what you need to be done.  The plan does not have to have to go down to the finest detail but a general idea and what the final result you want to see is what you need to have written out.  It will also give the plumber an idea of what work they need to do, the material they need, and an estimate of time to get the project done.  It will help the plumber to give a better estimate of the cost.  The plumber can also look at the plan and give you some tips and ideas of how it may be done better.

Estimate Spreadsheet

Most people will call several plumbers Perth and it is hard to keep track of the various charges each one charge.  It will make it easier to have a small spreadsheet with the various plumbers’ names, contact details and other information such as:

  • Their hourly rates
  • Any charge for travelling
  • Their rates for non-plumbing work like opening up a wall
  • If the plumber is waiting for parts to be delivered while on-site, will the customer be charged and the rate
  • Bonding
  • The projected start date and end date

If the plumber is not getting the permit for you then you will need to get it yourself as soon as possible.  Check to see how long it takes to get one and if there is a date it has to be used by.  The work cannot begin until you have a permit and once it is done, an inspector will come by to check to make sure the work is done correctly and up to code, and then the permit is finalised. Plumbers Perth WA will supply all the parts needed to do the job.


When you want the job done to top standards it makes sense to hire a professional and licensed plumber to handle any renovation work.


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