If the price was no object, most individuals would opt to furnish their homes with high-end furniture. Since price complements luxury furniture, it’s a good idea to remember why the price is higher than other pieces.

An investment in high-end furniture nets pieces that don’t require regular replacement. They’re also timeless. The older the piece, the more one-of-a-kind it becomes.

When you embark on an interior home redesign or upgrade project, considering high-end furnishings is worth your while.

Here we outline seven high-end furniture items you can’t live without.

1. Bedroom Dresser

The focal point of a luxury bedroom is the bed. Thereafter, it’s the headboard and bedroom dresser.

For some people, a dresser is a simple place to store their clothes and accessories. Individuals interested in luxury home interior design treat the dresser as more than storage.

Experienced artisans craft high-end bedroom dressers. Thus, they’re works of art in their own right. Handcrafted furniture is unique too. No pieces are exactly alike.

Bedroom dressers for a luxury home are available in several sizes and sizes, such as six- and nine-drawers. Moreover, you should also have a look at this Homelegance furniture collection for amazing options.

2. Dining Room Table

In a home designed to exude luxury the dining room table is majestic and high-end. The best dining room table depends on its use, formal or informal.

Individuals who host dinner parties for friends, family, and business colleagues benefit from a show-stopping dining room table. It’s a sturdier table that handles wear and tear with ease.

Informal dining tables are beautiful too. They’re smaller in size and less adorned. Nonetheless, you can’t live without a high-end dining room table in a luxury home.

3. Dining Room Chairs

Once you pick up your high-end dining room table, purchase the luxury dining room chairs to match it. In 2021, luxury is meeting the interior design style of today’s technology-focused generation.

If you opt for a wood-based table, complete the set with wood-based high-end dining room chairs.

For your chairs, pick from fabric or not and with arms or armless. Artisans handcraft luxury dining room chairs too. If you opt for a side chair, you’ll find some with oak wood frames and some upholstery.

Keep in mind that luxury denotes quality.  In terms of design, you can lean toward traditional, country, classic, or modern.

4. Living Room Sofa

Upscale living room sofas consist of the same characteristics including durability, craftsmanship, and unique design. A living room sofa easily becomes the attention-grabber. Thus, you can’t live without it.

Before making your purchase, measure the space where the sofa will live. They’re available in 92, 100, and 131 inches wide, among several other sizes. Pick from leather, fabric, or upholstered.

5. Living Area Coffee Table

An upscale living area coffee table is a furnishing that complements the furniture; it’s also a piece you can’t live without. The variety of high-end coffee tables seems endless. There’s a style, size, and color for every preference and interior design theme.

Several luxury coffee tables come from wood because artisans handcraft them. 

Pick from round, square, and rectangle tables. Some consist of glass, while a steel frame adorns others.

A luxury coffee table pairs well with an upscale rug. Rugs adorn the floor the way a table adorns a room. To see a selection of rugs for your home, visit Lawrence of La Brea online or in-store.

6. Kitchen Cabinets

Storage is an important element of luxury interior design. Therefore, the storage options complete the style. You’ll find upscale storage options, especially for the kitchen.

There’s no shortage of items stored in the kitchen. They all require a space to live. Kitchen cabinets span the wall or sit above the counters. It’s up to you, but you can’t live without them.

In 2021, it’s possible to install high-end kitchen cabinets. Then maintain their luster with a thorough refinishing until they’re ready for a replacement. More importantly, kitchen cabinets blend into the rest of the home’s decor seamlessly.

7. Full-Height Mirror

Full-height mirrors work in homes designed for luxury interior design. In smaller homes, they’ll overpower the space. Nonetheless, a mirror is a practical furnishing that doubles as an upscale furniture piece.

The trick is to pick out the frame that fits a luxury home interior design. Frame options include wood, steel, and near frameless. If you consider the number of mirrors in your home, a full-height mirror is a furniture item you can’t live without.


Decorating your home with high-end furniture gives it a luxurious feel. To turn the pieces into the stars, remember to keep your house clutter-free. Luxury places a focus on quality over quantity. Once you pick your furniture, style the rooms around it.

Design experts agree that quantifying luxury is impossible. Start with the price tag, brand’s reputation, and your instincts. If you fall in love with the piece, it’s probably meant to live in your home with you.