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Monday, June 27, 2022




I’m going to start by saying that the ANZAC legend is born from bravery, mateship, resourcefulness and the fire in the belly of men and women who sacrificed their lives to ensure future generations inherit a world of freedom, peace and tolerance.

This is not about our diggers. This is about the fine line between national pride and nationalism.

The other day we witnessed yet another racist rant on a train and what struck me was the way she mentioned Aussies who fought in the war to justify her racist logic.

When did AustralIans start becoming a nation of brainless fuckwits?

When did Australians stop learning that we were not the only ones to fight and die in war?

More Africans Arabs Asians Islanders and Europeans got slaughtered in two world wars than the allied forces put together. When did Australians forget that without locals in countries such as Papua New Guinea or Egypt or Indonesia they would have been slaughtered by the Germans or Japanese. Our diggers owed their lives to these people and they fought to create a world of peace and freedom.

And here we are abusing people in public! What the bloody hell has become of us?

The debate about asylum seekers is a national disgrace. Both major parties are too shit scared of Pauline Hansens old constituents to show some leadership and act like signatories to the UN convention of refugees.

The Cronulla riots were spurred on by media identities such as Alan Jones who is never taken to task for his moronic racist fuckwitted borderline psychotic rants.

AustralIa wake up. Karma is a bitch.

Tony Bonnici
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