Thousands of individuals throughout the world enjoy the hobby of building model planes. For some builders, it is a hobby to work with their hands and produce something they can be proud of. Others see it as a chance to reminisce about the glorious days of battle and the machines that fought those wars.

Since the popularization of this satisfying hobby in the 1930s, aircraft enthusiasts have already come up with fresh and innovative ideas to incorporate model planes in their homes, such as utilizing it to create an aviation motif interior design.

As an aviation lover, you can indeed go all out and showcase your model planes in a room, giving your home a unique flair. You can even go beyond the airplane models and make your entire room look like an airplane, complete with an engine side table, cockpit study desk, runway rug, and a bed that looks like a first-class cabin.

How to Have an Aviation-Themed Interior Design

An interior design decision, especially for a private bedroom, might be overwhelming. A variety of influences is needed to help you decide which design style you like the most. It’s like finding a muse to motivate you to finish a piece of art to call your home a home.

It’s a no-brainer for an aviation enthusiast to decorate their room with model planes. Some aviation enthusiasts would even paint their walls, so they look like airplane windows.

Hence, here are some aviation-inspired décor ideas that would complete your desired room aesthetic.

  • A print of a private jet in a modern living room.Choose a wall art piece with a lot of panels and show a sleek plane flying high in the sky. People who want to decorate their home chic with a modern tone will love this photorealistic print.
  • A View from the Window. Invest in a window seat. Give the impression that you’re flying in a commercial plane with a beautiful view out of the window. Look for prints that include landscapes that match the colors in your home’s decor.
  • Interior Design with a Tropical and Trendy Island Theme.Interiors with tropical designs look fresh and inviting. Decorate your living area with palm tree-inspired patterns and light colors like white and ivory. Additionally, include an eye-catching tropical piece of wall art that features a small propeller plane. Aerial views and a tropical island setting are sure to impress your guests.

Incorporating Airplane Models Into Your Decor

Those with a tighter budget or those who like a more muted aesthetic may opt for a more restrained approach. Adding an object that best represents the aviation theme will complete the room design. This time, it’s model planes!

Use your imagination well when deciding where and how to put it in your space. You may even learn a lot about an aircraft’s science from its model planes, too, as scale accuracy and meticulous attention to detail are top priorities for model plane kit sellers.

Hanging the model plane from the ceiling or placing it directly under the bed is possible. If you want to use several airplane models in the room, you can arrange them on a console table in a row. Inside your chamber, there could even be a little museum that resembles such.

The models can be dispersed about the space if you don’t want to keep them all in one location. It’s a good idea to have at least three models in your workspace; you may simply enjoy yourselves.

After incorporating model planes in your room, you can even utilize the following styles for the final touch. No rule says the finishing touch must be huge, expensive, or extravagant. Simply stating that “this room has an avian motif” will be enough.

  • Aero-Minimalism.Minimalists can use aviation-inspired decor! Pair your modern minimalism with a black and white print. Look for artwork that combines aeronautical themes with bold lines and basic patterns. Simple white and black with a multi-panel print adds an artistic touch.
  • An Edgy ViewpointIf you want edgy décor, look for prints with unusual angles. Opt for a composition with urban scenery, and a plane silhouetted. With a bold print, choose neutral hues and raw wood.
  • Industrial Home Office Design.For a more industrial look, choose a typical aerial shot of an airport. Decorate it with concrete floors and trendy touches. Finish the style with stainless steel or brass embellishments.

Time For Take Off

Aviation enthusiasts have acquired patience and inspiration through building model planes. Airplane modeling doesn’t have to be a solitary pursuit. Instead of keeping your creations hidden away, share your enthusiasm with others through your aviation-themed interior.

There is a tendency for aviation enthusiasts to carry their hobbies with them throughout their lives. Memories are made during the process of building.  For this reason, an interior space with model planes and avian-themed decor is referred to as the best way to showcase a recollection of one’s life. It can be shared, handed on, and be a source of common interests throughout life.

Such a theme is a great way to add a unique flair to your space.  By displaying your passion, you can elevate your surroundings with aeronautical ideas and techniques to create a space that really “takes off.”

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